Shu Points 2

  1. ´╗┐Jing Well
    Fullness below the heart
  2. Jing Well
    ReSTore consciousness
  3. Jing Well
    Clear excess heat
  4. Jing Well
    Treat uppermost reaches of the channel
  5. Jing Well
    Shen disorders
  6. Ying Spring
    Clears excess/deficient heat
  7. Ying Spring
    Complexion disorders
  8. Ying Spring
    Treats Yang channels; Zang (Yin) Organs (With SS pt).
  9. Shu Stream
    Heaviness of the body
  10. Shu Stream
    Disorders of the Zang
  11. Jing River
    Cough, chills, fever, dyspnea
  12. Jing River
    Disorders of the voice
  13. Jing River
    Pain of the bones,tendons
  14. He Sea
    Counterflow of qi and diarrhea
  15. He Sea
    Treats Fu (Yang) organs
  16. He Sea
    Skin problems
  17. He Sea
    Where the qi goes deep
  18. Jing Well
    Where the qi emanates
  19. Ying Spring
    Where the qi glides
  20. Jing River
    Where the qi flows
  21. Shu Stream
    Where the qi flows through
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Shu Points 2
Shu Points 2