1. What were the 2 alliances in ww1? Who were in them?
    • Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia
    • Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  2. When and where was the battle of Ypres?
    Apr-May 1915 in Belgium
  3. How did the Battle of Ypres affect Canada's identity?
    In the Battle of Ypres, Canadian were very brave, even when France abandoned them, When chlorine gas was introduced, canadians peed on their hankerchiefs and kept fighting and they won. This showed to the other Allies that canada was a strong and worthy country.
  4. When and where was vimy ridge?
    April 9 1917 in France
  5. What was the significance of the battle of Vimy ridge?
    The significance of vimy ridge was that Canada once again was successful when France and Britian failed, proving that we were not some little dominion, and we were a strong, couragous country.
  6. What tequnique was used in Vimy ridge?
    Creeping burage, shoot and walk towards trenches.

    Also a life sized model of Vimy ridge where the soldiers practiced.
  7. Who was Aurther Curry and what did he do?
    Aurther Curry was a Canadian general who successfully captured vimy ridge.
  8. When did robert borden implement conscription?
    In 1917
  9. Why did French canadians oppose conscription?
    • 1. No attachment to France.
    • 2. Language barrier (everything was in English)
    • 3. French not taught in schools
  10. Who also opposed conscription(other than french)?
    Canadian farmers opposed because they needed young men for labour.
  11. What was wilfred laurier's problem, what did he do?
    Wilfred Laurier had to decide to support french and oppose consription (he will lose election), or support english and support consription (he will lose support of French) He chose to lose the election and keep the support of french canadians.
  12. Who was Billy Bishop?
    A canadian ace who shot down the largest amount of planes in the British commonwealth.
  13. When and what was the Halifax explosion?
    1917- Imo(Belgium relief ship) collides with Mont Blanc (French munitions ship) to create a massive explosion)
  14. Who was Robert Borden?
    The Prime minister of Canada in WW1 who introduced conscription.
  15. Who was Gavrillo Princip?
    The member of the black hand who killed Franz Ferdinand and Sophia, which started WW1.
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