Endocrine Diseases

  1. What does diabetes insipidus mean?
    Over flow tasteless
  2. What does a person with huge amounts of dilute urine and intense thirst possibly have?
    Diabetes insipidus
  3. What are some tests and signs of diabetes insipidus?
    MRI, Urinalyisys, Urine output
  4. What does acromegaly mean?
    Englarged extremeties
  5. What disease does an adult have with overgrowth of bony areas still responsiveto GH, including hands feet and face?
  6. What are some symptoms of acromegaly?
    • • Overgrowth of bony areas stillresponsive to GH
    • – Hands, feet, face
    • • Enlarged sebaceous glands (bo/sweating)
    • • Weakness
    • • Easy fatigue
  7. What are some testing you can do for acromegaly and what sign will it show?
    • •High GHlevels
    • •Spine x-rayshows abnormal spine growth
    • •Pituitary MRI (if tumor suspected)
    • •Echocardiogram(enlarged heart suspected)
  8. What does Diabetes mellitus mean?
    Overflow honey
  9. What type is diabetes mellitus?
    type 2
  10. What disease does a person with increased thirst/urination/hunger, fatigue,blurred vision, and slow healing sores have?
    Diabetes mellitus type 2
  11. What test can you do to assumediabetes mellitus?
    blood sugar
  12. What does a person with darkening of the skin in a patchy colour possibly have?
    Addison’s Disease
  13. What does a person with salt craving nausea, change in blood pressure and heartrate, chronic diarrhea, and mouth lesions possibly have?
    Addison’s disease
  14. What are some tests you can do to assume Addison’s disease?
    • • Increased K+/Low Na+
    • • Low bp
    • • Low cortisol (glucocorticoid) –
    • Hypocortisolism
    • • Low aldosterone (mineralocorticoid) -
    • Hypoaldosteronism
    • • Abdominal x-ray/CT scan
  15. What disease is hyperthyroidism?
    Grave’s Disease
  16. What does a person with anxiety, enlargement of thyroid gland, bulging eyes,rapid/irregular heart rate, weight loss and tremors possibly have?
    Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism)
  17. What tests can you do to find Grave’s disease or hyperthyroidism?
    • • Low TSH/High T4
    • • High radioactive iodine uptake
  18. What disease means “mucous swelling?
  19. What disease is hypothyroidism?
  20. What would a person with low metabolic rate, feeling chilled, constipation,thick dry skin, puffy eyes, and a goiter possibly have?
    Myxedema (hypothyroidism)
  21. What is a goiter?
    Swelling of the thyroid
  22. What are some tests and signs to see if someone has myxema?
    • • High TSH/ Low T4
    • • Low Na+
    • • Chest x-ray (enlarged heart)
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