Semester 1 English review

  1. What is a simple sentence?
    it is one complete sentence, it can contain more than one word,it can appear as a list of activites or things
  2. What is a simple sentence with compound verbs?
    It is formed by two simple sentences, joined by a conjuction
  3. What is a complex sentence?
    is a sentence made up of a complete sentence, and also has additonal information in phrases or clauses
  4. What is a run-on?
    Has 2 parts, each part can stsnd in its own as a complete sentence, however they can be pushed together without being correctly connected
  5. What is a comma splice?
    it is a run-on connected with a comma, but no coordination conjuction/conjuctive adverb
  6. What is a fragment?
    it is an incomplete sentence (just a phrase or incomplete)
  7. Coordinating Conjuctions
    (F)an Boys
  8. Coordinating Conjuctions
    F(a)n Boys
  9. Coordinating Conjuctions
    Fa(n) Boys
  10. Coordianting Conjuctions
    Fan (B)oys
  11. Coordinating Conjuctions
    Fan B(O)ys
  12. Coordinating Conjuctions
    Fan Bo(y)s
  13. Coordinating Conjuctions
    Fan Boy(s)
  14. Conjunctive Adverbs
    (T)homas B. Flinch
  15. Conjunctive Averbs
    T(h)omas B. Flinch
  16. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Th(O)mas B. Flinch
  17. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Tho(m)as B. Flinch
  18. Conjunctive adverbs
    Thom(a)s B Flinch
    Additionally, also, or as a result
  19. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thoma(s) B. Flinch
  20. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas (B) Flinch
    Besides, becasue
  21. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B. (F)linch
  22. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B. F(l)inch
  23. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B Fli (i)nch
  24. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B Fli(n)ch
  25. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B FLin(c)h
  26. Conjunctive Adverbs
    Thomas B Flinc(h)
  27. Theme
    a universal idea that applies to more than just the story
  28. tone
    the feeling the author has towards the story
  29. Protagonist
    Main character of the story; whom the story revolves around
  30. Antogonist
    to opponent, competitor, or enemy of the protagonist
  31. Flat character
    character with few traits which are less developed
  32. Round Character
    character with many traits, good or bad they are well developed
  33. static character
    character that stays the same throughout the story
  34. Dynamic Character
    character that changes their perception/ view or pyschically
  35. Archetype
    a universally understood symbol, term or pattern if beahvior
  36. 1st point of view
    narrator participates in the action of the story, the story may not be true. i, me
  37. 2nd point of view
    narrator speaks directly to the audience, sparingly used in writing, harshly judged in reading
  38. 3rd point of view
    narrator does not participate in the action of the story
  39. faulty subordination
    subordination that's done incorrectly
  40. setting
    where the story takes place
  41. conflict
    struggle between 2 people
  42. Types of conflicts
    • man v. man
    • man v. society
    • man v. nature
    • man v. himself
  43. adjective clause
    is a dependent clause that modifies a noun
  44. noun clause
    is a dependent clause tha functions as a noun
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