1. plot
    storyline;sequence of events
  2. theme
    moral of the story
  3. foreshadowing
    hinting of future events
  4. tone/mood
    the feeling or atmoshphere the author creates so the reader feels it
  5. characterization
    explaining/the charcter's personality
  6. indirect characterization
    character's personality is revealed by action and words
  7. direct characterization
    the author explains the character's personality by just telling you
  8. dynamic character
    • someone who changes throughout the story
    • ex: telemachus
  9. conflict
    the problem of the story
  10. internal conflict
    man vs self
  11. external conflict
    • man vs man
    • man vs nature
    • man vs society
    • man vs supernatural
    • man vs technology
  12. man vs man
    man against man in a fight like a battle
  13. man vs nature
    like a storm keeping him away from his family
  14. man vs society
    like telemachus trying to get a ship from the suitors
  15. man vs supernatural
    like odysseus and the cyclops or monsters
  16. narrator
    teller of the story
  17. protagonist
    main character
  18. antagonist
    character against main character
  19. suprise ending
    unexpected ending
  20. irony
    something unexpected
  21. situational irony
    the way the audience knows something that the main character doesnt
  22. main idea
    plot or the gist of the story
  23. context clue
    defining a word by using the context around it
  24. symbol
    something that stands for something else
  25. narrative
    a story about one's own experiences
  26. denotation
    a word's actual dictionary definition
  27. connotation
    the emotions attached to a word
  28. contradiction
    a statement that negates something already said
  29. imprudent
  30. obstruction
    obstacle; object in the way
  31. condone
  32. impartial
  33. retribution
  34. diverting
  35. marauder
  36. precipitous
  37. condolences
    grief; express sympathy
  38. reconcile
    to restore friendship
  39. derivation
    the formation of a word from another word
  40. aperture
    the opening of an opening
  41. modest
    neither bold nor assertive
  42. dignified
    • a person who has the quality of being worthy, honored, and/or esteemed.
    • ex: President Obama
  43. indepent/dependent clauses
    • a group of words.
    • idependent can stand on their own
  44. colons
    can always be used after an independent clause
  45. semi colons
    can replace FANBOYS and a comma
  46. prefix
    an affix place at the beginning of a word to clarify the meaning.
  47. suffix
    an affix placed at the end of a word to clarify the meaning
  48. noun
    a person place or thing
  49. verb
    action word
  50. adjective
    describing word
  51. adverb
    describing an action
  52. preposition
    • a word that connects nouns to pronouns in a sentence.
    • ex: the book was on the table.
  53. pronoun
    • a word that replaces a noun
    • ex: he, she, it, they...
  54. Always write literature in the ______ tense.
  55. Always write essays in the _________ point of view-- expect when introducing a personal example.
    Third person
  56. What are homophones?
    • words that sound alike
    • ex: two, to, and too.
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