Science Final Ch. 5

  1. What are the three important characteristics of a population?
    • geopgraphic distribution
    • density
    • growth rate
  2. What are the factors that affect population size?
    • number of births
    • number of deaths
    • number of individuals that enter or leave the population
  3. geographic distribution
    describes the area inhabitated by a population
  4. population desnity
    the number of indiviuals per unit area
  5. growht rate
    increase or decrease of the number of individuals in a population over time
  6. what is the difference of immigration and emmigration?
    immigration is movement of idnividuals into an earaa and emigration is out of an area
  7. what is the shape of a growing logistic curve?
    s shape curve
  8. carrying compacity
    largest number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support
  9. What resources may a population be in competition for?
    food, water, space, sunight, and other essentials
  10. What are examples of density-independent limiting factors?
    • unusual wether
    • nautral disasters
    • seasonal cycles
    • human activities
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