Digestive System

  1. Direction of Food Flow
    Pharynx- esophogous-glottis- cardiac stomach- pyloric phincter to - pyloric stomach- small intestine - duodenum - Jeujenum - Caecum- colon- decending colon - recctum - anus
  2. Peristalysis
    involuntary wavelike motion of muscle that pushes food down
  3. Cardiac Stomach
    Large chamber of Stomach that recieves food from esophogus
  4. Epithelial lining
    contains gastric juices that denature proteins and kill many organisms
  5. Pyloric Stomach
    Small chamber of stomach that recives food from Cardiac Stomach Via Phyloric Sphincter
  6. Duodenum
    first segment of smal intestine
  7. pancreas
    adjacent to duodenum- aids in digestive system and endocrine system
  8. Jejunum
    ulk of chemical digestion ccurs here in the second part of small intestine
  9. Illeum
    Muscular Sphincter through which food leaves the smamll intestineand enters the large intestine in the caecum
  10. Caecum
    (blind sac) first part of the large intestine
  11. Caecum
    digests Cellulose- appendix in humans
  12. Colon
    longest segment of Large intestine
  13. Colon joining
    joins small intestine in posterior portion of abdomen
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