Science Final Ch. 30 part 2

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  1. What is the basic function of the respiratory system?
    the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the blood, the air, and tissues
  2. What is the bronchi?
    two large passageways in the chest
  3. where does each bronchi lead to?
    one of the lungs
  4. What happens the the bronchus in each lung?
    they divide into smaller bronchi and then into bronchules
  5. alveoli
    tiny sacs in the lungs
  6. what surround each alveolus?
    network of capillaries
  7. what takes place in the alveoli?
    gas exchange
  8. What happens to the carbon dixoide in the blood when the oxygen diffuses into the blood?
    the carbon dioxide in the blood diffuses into the alveolus
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