Internal Anatomy

  1. Throacic Cavity
    The anterior part of the trunk
  2. Epithelium
    A thin layer of skin on inside of body and around organs
  3. Parietal Peritoneum
    in Abdominal Cavity- epithelium that ocovers the body cavity
  4. Visceral Peritoneum
    Epithelium in Abdominal cavity that covers organs
  5. Pleura
    epithelium in Throacic cavity - Parietal and viseral Pleura
  6. peritoneal Cavity
    Cavity between epithelia in the abdomen
  7. Pleurisy
    disease in epithelia inflamation in the thoracic cavity
  8. peritonitis
    disease of inflamation of the epithelia in the abdomen
  9. Larynx
    Bulbous area in the throat also known as the Voice Box
  10. location of Pharynx
    Directly Behind the mouth
  11. dEpiglottis
    a flap that folds over the larynx opening to prevent food from entiring respiratory pathway
  12. Air Flow goes from
    Pharynx- epiglotis- larnx- trachea- bronchi-bronchioloes-alveoli
  13. trachea
    wind pipe
  14. brochi
    two tubes each that go to each lung
  15. Bronchioloes
    smaller branchesof bronchi that branch into the lungs
  16. alveoli
    Terminal Sacts for air flow
  17. Cartilaginous Rings
    Provide Support for Trachea- C shaped
  18. Functions of the Liver
    • 5 Fucntions
    • 1. Lipid and protein metabolism
    • 2. Produces Bile which digests and absorbs fat
    • 3. Prepares nitrogenous wastes for excretion
    • 4. Detoxifies Poisonous substance sin blood
    • 5. Acts as prime storage for glycogen, vitamins and minerals
  19. Umbilical Vein
    Anteriormost vessel that passes trhought the ventral side of the liver
  20. Gall Bladder
    Embeded in the ventral side of the liver
  21. Gall Bladder Function
    Storage of Bile- releaeses it into duodenum when needed which connects to small intestine
  22. Spleen
    destroys old red blood cells and produces lymphocytes
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