Chapter 1, Botany

  1. (4) Major impacts on the environment
    -drained wastelands

    -cleared natural vegetation

    -dumped wastes and pollution

    -used pesticides and herbicides
  2. (6) ways to reduce our environmental impact
    -change agricultural practices

    -render pollutants harmless


    -replace pesticisdes with biological pest controls

    -conserve water and energy

    -preserve habitats and species
  3. (Scientific Method) Hypothesis
    tentative, unproven explanation of an observation
  4. (Scientific Method) Experiment
    test to determine if a hypothesis is correct

    - must be repeatable

    -must have variables.
  5. (Scientific Method) Data
    results from the experiment
  6. (Scientific Method) principle
    useful generalization derived from experimental data
  7. (Scientific Method) Theory
    grouping of related principles
  8. (Plant Studies) Plant Anatomy
    internal structure of plants
  9. (Plant Studies) Plant Physiology
    Plant function
  10. (Plant Studies) Plant taxonomy
    describing, naming and classifying plants

    • plant systematics
    • - developing methods for classifying and naming plants
  11. (Plant Studies) Plant Geography
    plant distributions
  12. (Plant Studies) Plant Ecology
    interaction between plants and their environments
  13. (Plant Studies) Plant Morphology
    form and structure of plants
  14. (Plant Studies) Genetics
    science of hereditary

    - potential development of better agricultural, medicinal, and other use of plants
  15. (Plant Studies) Cell bioogy
    cell structure and function
  16. (Plant Studies) Economic botany and Ethnobotany
    practical uses of plants and plant products

    -still vast amounts of botanical information yet to be discovered.
  17. Plant life constitutes more than...

    A) 98%

    B) 50%
    A.) 98%
  18. Scientific Method steps




  19. Dendrochronology
    -study of tree rings

    -falls under Plant Anatomy
  20. Name of a book that helped increase awareness of the field ecology...
    Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  21. Founder of plant genetics...
    Gregor Mendel
  22. Cytology
    other name for cell biology
  23. study of botany has orgins from what time period?
    Stone age
  24. Tropical rainforests occupy only how much % of Earth?
    About 5%
  25. Characteristcics of plants
    -carry out photosynthesis

    -stationary (most); Algae move

    -open system of growth (continues growing); delay of growth during winter or certain conditions

    - Cell walls (most); bacteria also have cell walls and they arent plants.

    -green color; Not all plants are green
  26. Isnt a plant...





    -algae (debatable)
  27. Dicot
    -2 cotyledons, develop above ground

    -primary root usually present

    -growth either herbaceous or woody

    -vascular bundles usually forming a ring

    -leaves usually net-veined

    -flower parts ususally 4 or 5
  28. Monocot
    -1 cotyledon, usually develop under ground

    -roots usually fibrous

    -growth is mostly herbaceous

    -vascular bundles scattered

    -leaves usually parallel-veined

    -flower parts usually in multiples of 3
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