Test #4

  1. Which of the following is a function of bone?

    A. protection, support, and storage of mineral salts
  2. Long bones:

    A. are predominately foun as part of the appendicular skeleton
  3. To what part of the bone do tendons and ligaments attach?
  4. Bone that consists of numerous branching bony plates separated by irregular spaces is called
    spongy bone
  5. Mature bone cells called __ are located within lacunae that lie in concentric circles around a longitudinal __ which contains blood vessels.
    • osteocytes
    • osteonic canal
  6. Bone cells pass nutrients and gases in the matrix through:
  7. Osteons are found in the microscopic structure of __
    compact bone
  8. __ first develop as hyaline cartilage models and are then replaced with bone.
    endochondral bones
  9. During bone development, the primary ossification center is located in the __ and the secondary centers appear later in the __.
    diaphysis/ epiphyses
  10. A band of cartilage that forms between teh primary and secondary ossification centers is known as the __
    epiphyseal plate
  11. Which of the following bones has the primary function of protecting viscera?

    B. cranium
  12. __ functions in the formation of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets; __ stores fat.
    • red bone marrow
    • yellow bone marrow
  13. The inorganic matrix of bone stores inorganic mineral salts in the form of __ that is important in many metabolic processes.
    calcium phosphate
  14. The diaphysis of a long bone consists primarily of __ bone; whereas, the epiphyses consist primarily of __ bone.
    • compact
    • spongy
  15. membrane that lines the medullary cavity
  16. a layer of connective tissue covering the bone
  17. covers the ends of the epiphyses
    articular cartilage
  18. the expanded ends of a long bone
  19. fills the medullary cavity
    bone marrow
  20. a hollow canal located in the diaphysis
    medullary cavity
  21. the shaft of a long bone
  22. The __ consists of the scapula and clavicle.
    pectoral girdle
  23. The __ at the inferior end of the sacrum is composed of several fused vertebrae.
  24. The ribs are attached to the __ posteriorly.
    vertebral column
  25. The __ is made up of 2 coxal bones articulating with the sacrum.
    pelvic girdle
  26. The __ covers the anterior surface of the knee.
  27. The __ bone supports the tongue.
  28. The thoracic cage is composed of 12 pairs of __.
  29. The wrist is composed of 8 bones called
  30. All fingers and toe bones are called
  31. The breast bone is called the
  32. The humerus, radius and __ articulate to form the elbow joint.
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