Neuro Dis 1 Vocab

  1. Dorsal
    Top view
  2. Ventral
    Underside view
  3. Rostral
    Toward the front, following the spinal cord
  4. Caudal
    Toward the back, toward the tail, following the spinal cord
  5. Anterior
    In front of, front
  6. Posterior
    After, behind, following, toward rear
  7. Distal
    Away from, farther from origin
  8. Proximal
    Near, closer to origin
  9. Lateral
    Toward the side, away form midline
  10. Medial
    Toward midline, middle, away from side
  11. Temporal Lobe
    • Location: Lateral
    • Function: Auditory perception, processes speech & vision, and forms long term memory
  12. Occipital Lobe
    • Location: Posterior
    • Funciton: Processes vision and creates dreams
  13. Parietal Lobe
    • Location: Dorsal
    • Function: Integrates sensory info and stores knowledge of numbers and their relations
  14. Frontal Lobe
    • Location: Anterior
    • Function: Has dopamine-sensitive neurons (reward, attention, short term memory tasks, planning, and motivation)
  15. Spinal Cord
    • Location: Caudal
    • Function: Conduit for motor info, sensory info, and center for coordinating certain reflexes
  16. Medulla
    • Location: Caudal
    • Function: Contains cardiac, respiratory, vomiting, and vasomotor centers. Deals w/ autonomic, involuntary functions (ie. breathing, heart rate, blood pressure)
  17. Cerebellum
    • Location: Caudal
    • Function: Motor control: cognitive function (attention & language). Regulates fear & pleasure, coordinated mvmt, precission & accurate timing (doesn't initiate mvmt)
  18. Cerebellar Hemisphere
    Location: Lateral
  19. Cerebellar Vermis
    Location: Medial
  20. Sulcus
    • Location: Medial
    • Function: Helps increase surface area of brain
  21. Gyrus
    • Location: Lateral
    • Function: Helps increase surface area of brain
  22. Medial Longitudinal Fissure
    • Location: Medial
    • Function: Separates 2 hemispheres of vertebrate brain
  23. Cerebrum
    • Location: Caudal
    • Function: Controls all voluntary action in body
  24. Trigeminal Nerve
    • Location: Lateral, on sides of face
    • Function: Responsible for sensation in face & mouth and certain motor functions (biting, chewing, swallowing)
  25. Pyriform Lobe
    • Location: b/n cerebellum and cerebrum
    • Function: Perception of smells
  26. Sylvian Fissure
    • Location: Lateral, b/n frontal and parietal lobes
    • Function: Divides frontal and parietal lobe
  27. Rhinal Fissure
    • Location: Medial, at the base of stem cell on cerebrum
    • Function: Divides neocortex & allocortical (olfactory)
  28. Optic Nerve
    • Location: Medial/Rostral
    • Function: Transmits visual info from retinal to brain
  29. Olfactory Bulb
    • Location: Inferior
    • Function: Percieves odors
  30. Meninges
    • Location: Envelopes CNS
    • Function: Protects CNS
  31. Dura Matter (meninges)
    • Location: Closest to skull
    • Function: Supports & surrounds large venous channels carrying blood from brain toward heart
  32. Arachnoid Matter (meninges)
    • Location: Middle
    • Function: Provides cushion for CNS
  33. Pia Matter (meninges)
    • Location: Sticks to brain surface & spinal cord
    • Function: Nourish's brain
  34. White Matter
    • Location: "Inside" tissue of brain
    • Function: Contains glial cells and myelinated axons
  35. Gray Matter
    • Location: "outside" tissue of brain
    • Function: Contains neuronal cell bodies, dendrites & unmyelinated axons, glial cells, & capilaries
  36. Choroid Plexus
    • Location: Medial/Caudal (b/n cerebellum & medulla)
    • Function: Produces cerebrospinal fluid
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