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  1. What is transcription
    Making a copy of the DNA code for a protein and then send the copy to the ribosomes
  2. What is Translation
    t-rna carries amino acids to the ribosomes the amino acids are then assembled together to make a protein as determined by MRna
  3. What is a hydrogen bond a chemical bond of
    A hydrogen and something else
  4. what is the difference between DNA an RNA
    • RNA has no thymin but uracil in replacement
    • Does not double strand in living cells
  5. Method of energy production that uses 02
  6. Method of production of energy not using 02
  7. When a chemical loses a hydrogen and or an electron
  8. When a chemical bond gains a hydrogen and or electron
  9. To begin the electron transport cycle what has to enter
    a hydrogen electron acceptor
  10. The electron transport system produces
    3 ATP and 1 molecule of H20
  11. What is the final acceptor in the electron transport system
  12. Major function of the electron transport system
    To produce energyu and store it in ATP
  13. Where does all the activity of the electron transport system occur
    Cell membrane of bacteria
  14. What is needed to begin the process of glycolosis
  15. What is glycolosis
    the break down of glucose
  16. How many ATP's are transported from the electron transport system
    3 ATP's
  17. W
  18. What stores glycolosis
  19. What two chemicals are produced during glycolosis
    Pyrubic acid and 2 molecules
  20. What is the net production of ATP during respiration
    8 ATP
  21. How many ATP form from glycolosis fermentation
  22. What is the total number of ATPs produced per molecule of glucose
    38 ATp
  23. How many ATP result from the Kreb cycle
    30 ATP
  24. How many ATP result from glycolosis specificlly
    8 ATP
  25. What is the waste produced from glycolosis
  26. Major function of the Kreb cycle
    To produce hydrogen and electrons that are feed into the electron transport system
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