massage therapy review 5

  1. what should a massage begin with
    light stroking
  2. what movemnet begings and end the massage
  3. when appling effleurege, what should the pressure throught out the stroke be
  4. what is the correct procedure for deep stroking
    apply with venous flow consider the effects of gravity work with relaxed muscles
  5. princeples of massage
    • general-- specific--- general
    • superficial--deep---superficial
    • proximal----distal---proximal
    • peripheral---central---peripheral
  6. what are the best techniques to use after sports
    effleurage and petrissage
  7. what is the best technique for spasm
    • effleurage and petrissage
    • to flush metabolites and decrease the pain
  8. what tyoe of massage movement woulb be the best for locating an area of spasm or pain in the body
  9. the best technique for scart tissue
  10. wwhat movemnt increas limph flow
  11. what movemnet we use to flush the muscle
  12. wich techniques milks the muscles of accumulated waste products from too much exercises
  13. wich movements aims to passively stretch muscles
  14. the main purpose of deep transverse friction is to
    separate muscle fibers
  15. when the Cx is prone position and you are massaging the leg what you not do
    dorsiflex and extend the knee
  16. a Cx in a sitting position is in the best position for
    neck and back massage
  17. when a Cx is prone in a prone position with a pillow in the feets (ankle joint) why
    avoid exteme plantar flexion and help with circulation
  18. in what massage technique the fingers move the tissue under the skin
  19. least important consideration in kneading
    direcction of movement
  20. what you will do with a edema on the leg?
  21. deep fricction when is indicated should be done
    on affected area
  22. to increase rom for colle's fracture (wrist) right out of the cast use
    active and passive romo
  23. best techniques for tennis elbow
    moist heat with fricctions
  24. in hyperlordosis what muscle group would be lenghtened
  25. technique for acute rheumatoid arthritis
  26. cupping has been found benefitial in
  27. wich in most not like to increase after the massage
    size of muscles
  28. what effect can massage have from chronic tenosynovitis
    free tissue from adhesions
  29. where is incorrect to do fricctions
    on the muscle belly in spasm
  30. massage is contraindicated
    acute tenosynovitis, jundice, acute rheumatoide arthritis, lupus
  31. what is an afferent neuron?
  32. Cx suffers from a increased heart rate, loss of body hair and body tremors, Cx may have?
  33. massage will be helpful to give a foot massage
    • an individual with sinusitis.
    • or Cx with migraine, headache, this would reduce the amount of blood in the head and help eliminate the migraine
  34. proximal attachment of latissimus dorsi
    • thoracolumbar aponeurosis, spinous processes of the lower 6 thoracic vertebra, sacrum and iliac crest,
    • lower 3-4 ribs inferior angle of the scapula
  35. what sisease may develop if an Rh- mother carries a second child that is Rh+
    erythroblastosis fetalis
  36. proximal means
    the location of an extremity which is nearer to the trunk and any location in the trunk that is nearest to the midline
  37. Which is a mechanical effect of massage
    stretch superficial muscles
  38. Which of the following can result from prolonged application of heat to the precordium (portion of the body over the heart and lower chest, (thorax)
    decrease in blood pressure
  39. For edema to the knee, which is the best massage sequence
    • thigh, leg, thigh,
    • work the thigh to open up the fluid movement then work the leg to move the fluid out and then finish with working the thigh again to be sure all the fluid from the leg is moved out of the thigh
  40. 1099 form with the IRS
    it is a year-end tax statement sent to the IRS showing payments to independent contractors in excess of $600
  41. When cellular debris and bacteria is engulfed and eaten the process is called _______.
    phagocytosis. process of ridding the body of cellular debris and bacteria by engulfing and eating it.
  42. If you choose to be a sole proprietor, that means that in the eyes of the law _________.
    no boundary between the business and you as the owner. Sole proprietorship means that one person is the owner and there is no legal discrimination or boundary recognized between the business and it's owner. If one is legally bound, so is the other.
  43. There are 6 various kinds of tapotement.
    They are tapping, pincement, hacking, cupping, pounding and clapping
  44. What is the proximal attachment for Trapezius?
    external occipital protuberance, ligamentum nuchae, and the spinous processes of C7 - T12 vertebrae
  45. Current research indicates the all of the following play a primary role in the treatment and healing of the patient except ______.
    family and friends
  46. What is the proximal insertion for the masseter
    zygomatic arch
  47. What does the term "inferior" refer to?
    towards the feet
  48. Zygomaticus major and minor are the principal ________.
    smiling muscles.
  49. What is the effect of temperature on the body for prolonged periods
    Prolonged cold=constriction of the blood vessels, prolonged heat=increases swelling.
  50. who is the best RMT
    Velia Romo
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