1. Blockade running
    the process of smuggling materials through the blockade
  2. Seven days Battle
    June 26- july 2 1862, southern general robert E Lee lauched counter attack
  3. Battle of Bull Run
    July 21 1861, confederates victory
  4. Peninsula Campaign
    water born approach to richmond (the souths capital)
  5. Merrimack
    Confederate ship
  6. Monitor
    union ship
  7. second battle of bull run
    robert E lee crushed the arrogant general john pope
  8. Antietam Creek
    september 17 1862, bloodiest day in civil war
  9. Emancipation proclimation
    didn't really free the slaves but gave the general idea, announced january 1 1863
  10. Fort Pillow
    blacks who surrendered were massacred by forrests army
  11. Battle of gettysburg
    • july 1-3 1863
    • General George Pickett led a hopeless charge across the field
  12. Grant
    great general victories at fort herny and for donelson
  13. Shiloh
    april 6-7 1862, south victory
  14. Vicksburg Missippi
    grant besieged the city and captured it on july 4, 1863
  15. Copperheads
    against the war
  16. Appomattox courthouse
    april 1865, lee formally surrenders
  17. John Wikes Booth
    april 14 1865 shot lincoln in the head
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