Population Genetics Lab Vocabulary

  1. genotype frequency
    The frequency that a particular allele arises within a species, for example thecoding of hair colour, where there may be a genetic frequency of 0.2, meaning for every organism, 0.2 have blonde hair, i.e. 1 blonde for every 5 organisms.
  2. tree types
    different types of trees
  3. stand size
    number of trees in a certain area
  4. migration rate
    how fast or slow a speices migrates from one area to another
  5. mating pattern
    sexual activites of animals
  6. disaster frequency
    how often a disaster happens
  7. Hardy-Weinberg Principle
    there is no such thing as evolution, frequency in one generation is the same in all future generations under these conditions: there is a large population, random mating, no mutations in gene pool, no mutations, and no migrations
  8. allele frequency
    how often certain alleles occured throughout generations
  9. population size
    the amount of animals in a population
  10. heterozygosity
    having dissimilar pairs of genes for any hereditary characteristic.
  11. allele distribution
    how often an allele occurs
  12. textual data
    information from text
  13. input summary
    outline of the information submitted
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