1. When was the civil war
  2. Radical abolitionist who led an attack on Harper's Ferry,VA(1857)
    John Brown
  3. Supreme court ruled that slaves were property, not people (1857)
    Dread scott Decision
  4. The county that seceded from Alabama after Alabama seceded from the Union
    Winston county
  5. Major Union victory in the east (July,1-3,1863)
  6. Became pres. as a result of the compromise of 1877
    Ruther B. Hayes
  7. the animal that plains Indians used for food and clothing
  8. Where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads met in 1869
    Proontory Point, Utah
  9. 3 inventions that helped Midwest farmers
    Stell plow, windmill, barbed wire
  10. 1890s political party which represented both black and white farmers
    the populist party
  11. blacks who migrated from the south to the west
  12. 2 "robber barons" and what their companis produced
    Rockefeller(oil) Carnegie ( steel)
  13. a huge corporation that controls the market of a product
  14. thoses who are most fit will be successful
    Socual Darwinism
  15. the rapid growth of cities
  16. jounalist who exposed corruption in society
  17. Proposed drastic improvements in public education
    Horace Mann
  18. Criticized Booker T. Washinton for compromising with whites
    W.E.B. Dubois
  19. Made alcohol illegal throughout the U.S. (prohibition)
    18th Amendment
  20. 2 needs which led to imeriaism
    Markets and rawmaterials
  21. When the Spanish-American war begain
  22. Calvalry regiment led by Teddy Roosevelt
    Rough Riders
  23. built between1904-1914,shotcut from Atlantic to Pacific
    panama Canal
  24. 4 MAIN cuases of WW1
  25. His assassination sparked WW1
    Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  26. The enemy which fought the Allies in WW1
    The central Powers
  27. British passenger ship sunk by a German u-boat
    The Lusitania
  28. Two new weapons of WW1
    The tank and poison gas
  29. Officially ended WW1, but led to WW11
    The treaty of Versailles
  30. Japanese attack on peral harbor (2,400 die)
    Dec 7,1941
  31. Holocaust
    Murder of 6million Jew by Nazi Germany
  32. Axis Powers
    Germany Italy and Japan during WW11
  33. Made decision to drop atomin bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Harry Truman
  34. FDR's encouraging radio talks
    Fireside Chats
  35. Tennessee Vally Authority
    Provided jobs and electriciy for Alabamians
  36. Govt. protection of bank accounts
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  37. money for the elderly and disabled
    Socail security administration
  38. FDR's plan for ending the Great Depression
    New Deal
  39. two very popular forms of mass entertainment in the 1920's
    Radio and movies
  40. African-American literary awakening in the 1920's
    Harlem Renaissance
  41. Alabama musicain know as the Father of the Blues
    W.C Handy
  42. Used the assembly line to make cars much cheaper
    Henry Ford
  43. Demanded Women;s rights to use birth control
    Margaret Sanger
  44. fear of communism following the Russian Revolution
    Red Scare
  45. Italian immigrants executed for murder
    Sacci abd Vanzetti
  46. 3groups of people that did not prosper during the 1920'
    Farmer,Immigrants, blacks
  47. Evironmental disaster that ruined midwestern farmers
    Dust Bowl
  48. U.S. President when the G.D began
    Herbert Hoover
  49. Oct.29,1929 stock market crashed
    Black Tuesday
  50. FDR;s plan for ending the Great Depression
    New deal
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