Chapter 1

  1. Who needs to be Certified?
    Anyone using "restricted use" pesticides
  2. What is a private applicator? Give some examples
    Uses or supervises the use of "Restricted Use" pesticides on property owned or rented by himself or his employer. Farmers, floricultures, orchardists, aquaculturist, nurserymen, sod growers, and other similar persons.
  3. What is a commercial applicator?
    Any applicator applying pesticides except as defined in private or residential application.
  4. Name several of the catorgies of commercial application
    Agriculture; plant and animal. Forest pest control, ornamental and turf, seed treatment, aquatic pest control, right-of-way pest control, idustrial, institutional, structural and health related pest control, public health pest control, regulatory pest control, demonstration and research pest control, and aerial application
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Chapter 1
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