Module 8 vocab

  1. aneurysm-
    aneurysm; dilation of the wall of the heart, artery, or vein angi-"
  2. angi-
    "blood vessel; any vessel or duct, but often used of blood vessels without a root for blood"
  3. vas-*
    "blood vessel; any vessel or duct, but often used of blood vessels without a root for blood [See Mod. 7, vas-]"
  4. vascul-
    "blood vessel; any vessel or duct, but often used of blood vessels without a root for blood"
  5. aort-
    aorta; main trunk of arterial system
  6. arteri-
    artery; vessel that carries blood away from the heart
  7. arteriol-
    arteriole; small artery adjoining capillaries
  8. atri-
    atrium (of the heart); any chamber or cavity in the body
  9. capillar-
    capillary; small blood vessel
  10. cardi-
  11. cyt-
    cell [types of cells are denoted by a subordinate, descriptive root]
  12. hemat-
    blood (not haemat-, hem-, haem-, sanguin-)
  13. haemat-
    blood (not hemat-, hem-, haem-, sanguin-)
  14. hem-*
    blood [See Mod. 7] (not hemat-, haemat-, haem-, sanguin-)
  15. haem-
    blood (not hemat-, haemat-, hem-, sanguin-)
  16. sanguin-
    blood (not hemat-, haemat-, hem-, haem-)
  17. phleb-
    vein; vessel that carries blood to the heart (not ven-)
  18. ven-
    vein; vessel that carries blood to the heart (not phleb-)
  19. plasm-
    plasma (not plasmat-)
  20. plasmat-
    plasma (not plasm-)
  21. rhythm-
    rhythm; heart beat
  22. ser-
    serum; watery fluid, specifically as a component of blood
  23. sphygm-
  24. thromb-
  25. thrombocyt-
    thrombocyte; platelet
  26. valv-
    valve (not valvul-)
  27. valvul-
    valve (not valv-)
  28. varic-
    varix; a tortuous dilation of a vein
  29. venul-
    venule; small vein
  30. null-
    none; no
  31. mon-
  32. un-
    one [un- with -gravida or -para means "once"]
  33. prim-
    first [with -gravida or -para means "first time"]
  34. di-; dipl-; bi-*; bin-
    two; double [See Mod. 4]
  35. di-; bi-*; bin-
    two, double (3 of 4 terms, no connecting vowel follows) [See Mod. 4]
  36. bi-*, bin-
    two, double (2 terms, if consonant follows, if vowel follows) [See Mod. 4]
  37. secund-
    second [with -gravida or -para means "twice"]
  38. tert-
    three; third
  39. tri-
    three [no connecting vowel follows]
  40. tripl-
    three; triple
  41. quadr-
  42. quarti-
    four; fourth
  43. quint-
    five; fifth
  44. pent-
  45. sext-
    six; sixth
  46. hex-; sex-
    six (2 terms)
  47. hept-; sept-
    seven; seventh (2 terms)
  48. oct-
    eight; eighth
  49. non-
    nine; ninth
  50. dec-
    ten; tenth
  51. mer-
    part; partial
  52. hol-
    whole; entire
  53. poly-
    many; multiple [no connecting vowel follows poly-]
  54. mult-
    many; multiple (not poly-, plur-)
  55. plur-
    many; multiple (not poly-, mult-)
  56. poly-; mult-; plur-
    many; multiple [no connecting vowel follows] (not mult-, plur-)
  57. anthrac-*; melan-; nigr-
    black (all 3 terms)
  58. anthrac-*
    black [See Mod. 12] (not melan-, nigr-)
  59. melan-
    black (not anthrac-, nigr-)
  60. nigr-
    black (not anthrac-, melan-)
  61. argent-*; argyr-
    silver (2 terms) [See Mod. 12]
  62. argent-*
    silver [see Mod. 12] (not argyr-)
  63. argyr-
    silver (not argent-)
  64. aur-*; chrys-*
    golden [See Mod. 12]
  65. chlor- virid-
    green (2 terms)
  66. chrom- chromat-
    colour [noun]; colourful; tinted [adjective] (2 terms)
  67. cirrh- croc- flav- lute- xanth-
    yellow (all 5 terms)
  68. cirrh-
    yellow (not croc- flav- lute- xanth-)
  69. croc-
    yellow (not cirrh- flav- lute- xanth-)
  70. flav-
    yellow (not cirrh- croc- lute- xanth-)
  71. lute-
    yellow (not cirrh- croc- flav- xanth-)
  72. xanth-
    yellow (not cirrh- croc- flav- lute-)
  73. coccin-
  74. cyan-
  75. erythr- rhod- rub- rubr- rube-
    red (all 5 terms)
  76. erythr-
    red (not rhod-, rub-, rubr-, rube-)
  77. rhod-
    red (not erythr-, rub-, rubr-, rube-)
  78. rub-
    red (not erythr- rhod- rubr- rube-)
  79. rubr-
    red (not erythr- rhod- rub- rube-)
  80. rube-
    red (not erythr- rhod- rub- rubr-)
  81. candid-
    white (not leuc-, leuk, alb-, albid-)
  82. leuc-
    white (not candid- leuk- alb- albid-)
  83. leuk-
    white (not candid- leuc- alb- albid-)
  84. alb-
    white (not candid- leuc- leuk- albid-)
  85. albid-
    white (not candid- leuc- leuk- alb-)
  86. candid- leuc- leuk- alb- albid-
    white (all 5 terms)
  87. iod-
    violet (not viol)
  88. viol-
    violet (not iod-)
  89. iod- viol-
    violet (2 terms)
  90. poli-*
    whitish grey; grey [See Mod. 5]
  91. purpur-
  92. -emia -hemia -aemia -haemia
    condition of the blood; presence of (a substance) in the blood; presence of blood in (an organ) [all 4 terms]
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