English Revolution

  1. Describe John Locke's work and theory
    • "Two Treatises of Government"
    • anti absolutism.
    • By law of nature (or reason) individual enforce for themselves natural rights to life, liberty, and property.
  2. Why king James II was overthrew by Parliement?
    He converted to Catholic, suspended the law preventing Catholics and Protestant dissenters from holding political office, ordered all Church of England clergymen to read his decree of religious toleration. 1688, he declared that his newborn son and heir was to be raised a Catholic.
  3. What English referred o the events of 1688-1689?
    "Glorious Revolution"
  4. Who was invited by the Parliament to rule England?
    Marry Stuart and her husband William of Orange
  5. Describe the Act of Toleration 1689
    Protestant dissenters can worship freely, but not to hold political office
  6. Describe the Bill of Rights?
    -Trial by jury, habeas corpus (a guarantee that no one could be imprisoned unless charged with a crime), the right to petition the monarch through Paliament, monarchy was subject to the law of the land.
  7. The act of sucession 1701?
    Every future English mornarch must be a member of the church of England.
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