Trees, Characteristics

  1. Describe the characteristics of a tree.
    Trees are the largest plants. Generally, a tree is understod to be a plant that has a distinctive distance between the ground level and the formation of branches.
  2. What is a large tree?
    20m tall and upwards.
  3. What is a medium tree?
    Between 10m and 20m tall.
  4. What is a small tree?
    Between 5m and 10m tall.
  5. Describe the manner of growth of trees from hot climates
    They grow almost without interruption.
  6. Describe the manner of growth in trees in seasonal climates
    Growth is periodically suspended by cold or drought. The development of nascent buds carried in the axil of the leaves remains stationary until the following season of suitable weather(eg. deciduous trees in the UK).
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