massage therapy mcq

  1. sciatica
    sindrome involving motor and sensory deficits along the course of the sciatic nerve
  2. scoliosis
    a postural desviation where theres is a lateral curve in the spine, S, C, or reverse C curve
  3. seizure disorders
    epilepsy, any condition that causes seizures
  4. shin splints
    lower leg injury including compartment syndromes, muscle tears, hairline fractures, usually brougth on by overuse or misaligment at the ankle
  5. sinusitis
    inflamtion of the paranasal sinuses from allergies, infection, or physical destruction
  6. skin cancer
    uncontrolled replication of cell forming tumors, four classes include bening, malignant, metastasis, and carcinogen
  7. sleep disrders
    • insomnia, sleep apnea, restles leg syndrome, circadian rhythm disruption.
    • all make it diffucult to sleep or wake up feeling refreshed
  8. sprains
    tears of ligaments, injuries can range from a few traumatized fibers to a complete rupture
  9. strains
    torm muscle fibers
  10. stroke
    • damage to brain tissue caused by a blocage in blood flow,
    • or by an internal hemorrage causing oxygen deprivation
  11. TMJ temporomandibular joint disorder
    any problem that causes pain/loss of funtion at the TMJ
  12. tendinitis
    inflammation of the tendon
  13. TOS thoracic outlet syndrome
    collection of S&S brougth about by occlusion of nerve and blood supply of the arm
  14. thrombobhlebitis, deep vein thrombosis
    veins obstructed by blood clots (occlusion)
  15. thyroid disease (graves disease)
    • hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism,
    • when a thyroid gland produces either too much, or too little of the hormoes that stimulate the convertion of fuel energy
  16. torticollos (wryneck)
    an unilateral spasm of the neck muscles (stiff-neck)
  17. urinary tract infection
    • an infection caused by bacteria anywhere in the lower urinary system,
    • primary lower urinary tract, urethra, and the bladder
  18. how do they determine when you have ceratain syndrome?
    only when you have a certain number of the criteria for that syndrome
  19. What we do for CFS chronic fatigue syndrome
    mostly relaxation massage
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