Channels & Points

  1. Explain the concept of Blood in TCM and its reationship to Qi.
    • In TCM theory, blood and Qi are inseparable. Blood is the "mother" of
    • Qi; it carries Qi and also provides nutrients for its movement. In
    • turn, Qi is the "commander" of the blood. This means that Qi is the
    • force that makes blood flow throughout the body and provides the
    • intelligence that guides it to the places where it needs to be. Blood
    • and Qi also affect one another and have the dynamic ability to transfer
    • various properties back and forth. For example, after labor and
    • delivery, a woman may develop a fever. TCM understands this fever to be
    • related to blood loss, not normally an infection. Losing too much blood
    • causes an overall Qi deficiency. When there is a Qi deficiency, the body
    • cannot function properly and therefore presents with a fever.
  2. Explain the funtion/ physiology of the zang-fu.
    • Zang and fu consist of the five zang and six fu organs.
    • The five zang organs are the heart (including the pericardium), lung,
    • spleen, liver, and kidney. The six fu organs are the gall bladder,
    • stomach, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder and the sanjiao
    • (three areas of the body cavity). Zang and fu are classified by
    • the different features of their functions. The five zang organs
    • mainly manufacture and store essence: qi, blood, and body fluid.
    • The six fu organs mainly receive and digest food, absorb nutrient
    • substances, transmit and excrete wastes. As the Suwen says:
    • The five zang organs store up essential qi and regulate its
    • outflow. The six fu organs transform and transport substances
    • without storing them and for this reason they may be
    • over-filled but cannot be filled to capacity.
  3. Explain in detail the priciples of of ying and yang.
  4. Explain the generation of Qi.
  5. Explain the energy system and the 72 channels.
  6. Explain the creation and significance of pure and impure fluids.
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