Silas Marner 5

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  1. alegar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to put forward (motivos, pruebas)alegar que -> to claim (that) 1. To allege, to affirm, to quote, to maintain, to adduce.
    • intransitive verb2. to complain (quejarse) (Am)
  2. ovillo
    1. ball hacerse un ovillo (of wool etc) -> to curl up into a ball
  3. exento
    • adjective
    • 1. exempt exento, -a de -> free from, without; (sin) exempt from (eximido de)
  4. ingenuo, -a
    • adjective
    • 1. naive, ingenuous ¡no seas ingenuo, -a! -> don't be so naive! masculine or feminine
    • noun
    • 2. ingenuous o naive person hacerse el ingenuo, -a -> to act the innocent
  5. plasmar
    • transitive verb1. to give expression to (reflejar) (sentimientos); to reflect (realidad)2. to shape, to mold (modelar)plasmarse
    • pronomial verb1. to emerge, to take shape
  6. conjurar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to exorcize (exorcizar)sus palabras conjuraron mi miedo (figurative) -> his words dispelled my fears 2. to ward off, to avert (un peligro)
    • intransitive verb3. to conspire, to plot (conspirar)conjurarse
    • pronomial verb1. to conspire, to plot (conspirar)
  7. aplazar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to postpone
    • intransitive verb
    • 2. to fail (en examen) (RP)
  8. palpar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to feel, to touch (tocar); to palpate (medicine)2. to feel (percibir)
    • intransitive verb
    • 3. to feel around
  9. erguir
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to raise erguirse
    • pronomial verb
    • 1. to rise up
  10. acoger
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to welcome (recibir) (persona); to receive (idea, noticia)2. to take in (dar refugio a)Suecia acogió a los refugiados políticos -> Sweden took in the political refugees que Dios lo/la acoja en su seno -> God rest his/her soul acogerse
    • pronomial verb also: acogerse a -> to take refuge in, to have recourse to (ley, derecho) acogerse a un plan de pensiones -> to sign up for a pension scheme
  11. talego
    • noun1. Bag or sack made of coarse sackcloth (bolsa grande). (m)Tener talego -> to have money
    • 2. A clumsy, awkward fellow. (m)
  12. furtivo
    • adjective
    • 1. furtive (mirada, sonrisa)cazador furtivo, -a -> poacher masculine or feminine noun
    • 2. poacher (cazador)
  13. extraviado, -a
    1. lost (perdido); stray (animal)
  14. suntuoso, -a
    • adjective
    • 1. sumptuous, magnificent
  15. lencería
    • noun
    • 1. An assortment of linen; plenty of linen (telas). (f)
    • 2. Linen draper’s shop (tienda); linen hall, where linen is sold. (f)
    • 3. Linen trade. (f)
    • 4. Lingerie (ropa interior). (f)
  16. condescendencia
    1. graciousness, kindness (benevolencia); condescension (altivez)
  17. respaldar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to back, to support varios intelectuales respaldan la candidatura del escritor -> several intellectuals are backing o supporting the writer as a candidate el descubrimiento respalda su teoría -> the discovery backs up o supports his theory respaldarse
    • pronomial verb1. (apoyarse)respaldarse en -> to fall back on
    • noun1. Leaning-stock. (m)
  18. afable
    adjective1. Affable, complacent, kind; agreeable, familiar.
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