1. Auspiciously
    favorably or successfully
  2. Canonical
    belonging to an official list
  3. Brevity
    briefness; conciseness
  4. Laconic
    terse in expresssion; concise
  5. Mien
    one's appearance, bearing, or manner
  6. Secular
    not connected with a church or religion
  7. whimsical
    full of sudden, passing ideas, desires, or odd notions
  8. Contextual
    surrounds the passage and provides meaning
  9. Satirical
    uses ridicule and sarcasm to attack vices or follies
  10. Flippant
    frivolous and disrespectful
  11. Proponent
    one who espouses or supports a cause
  12. Rued
    felt remorse for; regretted
  13. Pretentious
    acting important; ostentatious
  14. Disdain
    to regard as beneath one's dignity; scorn
  15. Monastery
    residence where one withdraws from the world for religious reasons
  16. Commodity
    any useful thing; anything bought or sold
  17. Contemptuous
    full of hatred and disrespect for another; scornful
  18. Parable
    a short, simple story teaching a moral lesson
  19. Rescinded
    revoked or canceled
  20. Wry
  21. Tableaux
    striking, dramatic scenes or pictures
  22. Juxtaposition
    positioned side by side
  23. Modicum
    a small amount
  24. Vernacular
    the common, everyday language of the people
  25. Moiety
    a half; an indefinite part
  26. Declension
    a decline
  27. Recapitulation
    a brief summary
  28. Ignominious
    having lost reputation; being in disgrace
  29. Canker
    an ulcerlike sore
  30. Hitherto
    until this time
  31. Importuned
    urged or entreated persistently or repeatedly
  32. Augured
    prophesied; to have been an omen
  33. Sinews
  34. Sallet
    a lightweight helmet that also covers the back of the neck
  35. Beguile
    to mislead through trickery; to charm
  36. Apoplexed
    caused a stroke
  37. Eloquently
    fluently and vividly in speech or writing
  38. Pith
    the essential part; gist
  39. Gleaned
  40. Synecdoche
    a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa
  41. Ode
    a poem that addresses a particular subject with an elevated style or manner
  42. Forelock
    a curl of hair growing just above the forehead
  43. Magnanimity
    the quality of nobility in overlooking insult, injury, or pettiness
  44. Epitaph
    an inscription on a tomb
  45. Philanthropic
    generous and helpful to other people, especially through gifts to institutions
  46. Varicose
    abnormally or irregularly swollen
  47. Axiom
    a statement universally accepted as true; an established principle
  48. Traduced
  49. Mortised
    securely joined or locked together like a wooden joint
  50. Elegy
    a mournful poem, especially of lament and praise to the dead
  51. Monotonous
    tiresome because unvarying
  52. Nymph
    any of a group of minor nature goddesses or a lovely young woman
  53. Homage
    anything given or done to show reverence or honor
  54. Laudatory
    expressing praise; commendatory
  55. Allusion
    an indirect or casual reference
  56. Intransigent
    refusing to compromise
  57. Impediment
    anything that hinders progress or obstructs
  58. Leisurely
    in an unhurried manner
  59. Lyric
    poetry expressing a poet's personal emotion
  60. Pommel
    the rounded, upward-projecting part at the front of a saddle
  61. Debasing
    reducing in quality or value
  62. Jocularly
    suited to joking or jesting
  63. Equanimity
    mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain
  64. Ample
    fully sufficient or more than adequate for the purpose or needs
  65. Denouement
    the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot
  66. Expiating
    atoning; making amends
  67. Erudite
    learned or scholarly
  68. Syllogism
    deductive reasoning; an extremely subtle, sophisticated or deceptive argument
  69. Salacious
    lustful, lecherous, obscene or grossly indecent
  70. Prodigal
    wastefully or recklessly extravagant; lavish
  71. Annexation
    the process of attaching, appending, or incorporating into something larger
  72. Assonance
    repetition of vowel sounds
  73. Consonance
    repetition of consonant sounds
  74. Emulate
    to try to equal or surpass; imitate
  75. Inexorable
    that cannot be influenced by persuasion or entreaty; unrelenting
  76. Lunacies
    follies or foolish acts
  77. Obstinate
    determined to have one's own way; stubborn
  78. Opprobrium
    contempt for something regarded as inferior
  79. Pedantic
    narrow-minded; strictly adheres to rules; emphasizes the trivial
  80. Sanguine
    of the color of blood or cheerful and confident
  81. Acrid
    extremely or sharply stinging or bitter; exceedingly caustic
  82. Arbitrary
    subject to individual will or judgment without restriction; capricious
  83. Cacophony
    a discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds
  84. Cadence
    a rhythmic pattern or flow
  85. Durst
    archaic past tense form of the word "dare"
  86. Inextricable
    incapable of being disentangled, undone loosed, or solved
  87. Munificence
    great generosity
  88. Pompous
    characterized by an ostentatious display of dignity or importance
  89. Satire
    a literary composition in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule
  90. Temerity
    reckless boldness; rashness
  91. Amiable
    friendly; sociable; pleasant; agreeable
  92. Coquettish
    flirtatious, especially in a teasing, light-hearted manner
  93. Flagrant
    shockingly noticeable or obvious; glaring
  94. Introspective
    consciously observing or examining one's own mental and emotional state
  95. Multitudinous
    existing, occurring, or present in great numbers; consisting of many parts
  96. Pernicious
    causing insidious harm or ruin; hurtful; fatal
  97. Sedge
    a rushlike or grasslike plant growing in wet places
  98. Tenacity
    the quality or property of holding fast or holding together; stubbornness; adhesiveness
  99. Visage
    the face, usually with reference to features, expression, etc.
  100. Wiles
    artful or beguiling behavior; trickery
  101. Accurst
    abominable; hateful
  102. Chidden
    scolded or rebuked
  103. Dowager
    a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband
  104. Fastidious
    very attentive to and concerned about accuracy, detail, and matters of cleanliness
  105. Garrulous
    excessively talkative, esp. on trivial matters
  106. Jalopy
    an old car in a dilapidated condition
  107. Jalousies
    blinds or shutters made of a row of angled slats
  108. Panegyric
    a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something
  109. Subsist
    maintain or support oneself, esp. at a minimal level
  110. Superciliousness
    the act of behaving or looking as though one things one is superior to others
  111. Vehemence
    violence; impetuousness; intense or strong passion
  112. Scrupulous
    conscientiously honest; precise
  113. Sagacious
    very wise; shrewd
  114. Quadrille
    a square dance performed by four couples
  115. Perpetual
    lasting forever or for a long time; continuing without interruption
  116. Rove
    to roam; to wander
  117. Clairvoyant
    able to perceive things that are not in sight
  118. Frondescence
    the process of growing leaves, as plants, trees, etc.
  119. Enumeration
    process or state of being counted
  120. Nostaglia
    a longing for something far away or long ago
  121. Sod
    the surface of the ground, esp. when covered with grass; turf; sward
  122. Alacrity
    cheerful readiness; promptness or willingness; liveliness; briskness
  123. Mirth
    gaiety or jollity, esp. when accompanied by laughter
  124. Odious
    deserving or causing hatred; hateful
  125. Iniquitous
    characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked
  126. Obsequiousness
    characterized or showing servile complaisance or deference; obedient; dutiful
  127. Pallor
    unusual or extreme paleness as from fear, ill health or death
  128. Somber
    gloomily dark; shadowy; dimly lighted; depressing
  129. Concordance
    agreement; harmony
  130. Eclat
    brilliance of success; showy or elaborate display
  131. Vexed
    irritated; annoyed
  132. Presage
    a foreboding; an omen or warning
  133. Caprice
    a sudden, unpredictable change, as of one's mind or the weather; whimsicality
  134. Swains
    a male admirer or lover; country gallant
  135. Intermittenly
    stopping or ceasing fo a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again
  136. Jocund
    cheerful; merry; gay; blithe
  137. Gambol
    to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic
  138. Propitious
    presenting favorable conditions; favorable
  139. Solemnity
    the state or character of being solemn; earnestness; gravity; impressiveness
  140. Pervades
    to become spread throughout all parts of
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