Social Studies

  1. Where was Mesopotamia?
    Mesopatamia was in the Fertile Cresent between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  2. What is a city-state?
    An independent state that includes a city and it's surrounding territory.
  3. What is a ziggurat?
    A ziggurat was a temple of worship for the sumerians. Some could even stretch to seven stories tall.
  4. What was Cuneform?
    Cuneform was a form of writing using triangular-shaped symbols to represent things.
  5. What was an empire?
    An empire is a state containing several countries or territories.
  6. What empire rose when the sumerians were in conflict?
    The Akkadians came during the Sumerians conflicts.
  7. Who were the Phoenicians?
    The Phoenicians were skilled sea trade and navigaters.
  8. What was the most lasting development of the Phoenicians?
    The alphabet.
  9. What is an import?
    An import is a shippment that you receive from another person or place.
  10. What is an export?
    An export is a shippment that you send out.
  11. What is a colony?
    A colony is an area ruled by a distant country.
  12. Cultural Diffusion
    the spread of culture when people migrate to other countries.
  13. Alphabet
    Comes from the words, alpha and beta. An alphabet is a set of letters that stand for sounds of their own
  14. When was the era of Ancient Egypt?
    3100B.C - 343B.C
  15. Cataract
    a group of rocky rapids
  16. delta
    an area where soil and minerals are deposited at the mouth of the river
  17. artisan
    a skilled worker who is trained in handicraft
  18. Pharaoh
    The ruler of both upper and lower egypt
  19. dynasty
    the right to rule throughout a family after your older brother or father dies
  20. Bureaucracy
    a system of officials that handle government
  21. Sources of the nile river
    • the blue nile and white nile
    • the white nile flows from lake victoria and the blue nile from ethiopia
  22. old, new and old kingdom. which was most powerful
    The new kingdom was the high point of power and prosperity
  23. preserving the dead
    they would take out all of the organs and blood of a body and wrap it in bandages and preserve them in tombs
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