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  1. Kinetic energy depends on what
    Mass and velocity
  2. A pendulem set in motion eventually stops mostly because of what
    Friction converts the mechanical or kinetic energy to thermal energy
  3. The suns energy comes from what
    Nuclear energy
  4. A blender turns electrical energy into what
    Mechanical energy
  5. Your body converts chemical energy into
    Thermal energy, mechanical energy, and chemical enegy.
  6. The SI unit of work is
  7. Fossil fuels are burned to turn potential chemical energy to thermal and electromagnetic energy in a process known as
  8. potential energy is the energy
    that is stored
  9. A girl throws a ball 15 meters into the air. The ball has its maximum potential energy at the height of
    15 meters
  10. an electric blanket converts electrical energy to
    thermal energy
  11. light energy is an example of
    electromagnetic energy
  12. a grass hopper jumping is an example of
    mechanical energy
  13. what type of energy is heat energy
    thermal energy
  14. what is the transfer of energy from one object to another
  15. what energy depends on an object being streched or compressed
    elastic potenial energy
  16. what energy depends on height and weight
    gravitational potential energy
  17. plants convert electromagnetic energy to
    chemical energy
  18. the energy stored in fossil fuels is released by
  19. what is the power needed to do 500 joules of work in 10 seconds
    50 watts
  20. what is the kinetic energy of a car with a mass of 5,000 Kg and a velocity of 5m/s
    12,500 watts
  21. on a rollercoaster ride, when do the cars have the most kinetic energy
    at the bottom of the tallest downhill slope
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