1. What is deviance?
    Any violation of a norm.
  2. What are folkways?
    minor norms that you do without even thinking ; such as everday habits.
  3. What are norms?
    general guidelines for your behavior in social situations. It's the way you talk, act, and dress learned through socialization.
  4. What are mores?
    major norms and cherished values that are the foundation of a culture.
  5. What are laws?
    codified norms that you have to follow in order to stay out of prison.
  6. What is social control school?
  7. What is social bond theory?
    lack of and weaknesses of social bonds to regulators. Leads to deviant behavior.
  8. What is social stress/strain school?
  9. What is social stress/strain theory?
  10. What is social learning school?
  11. What is differential association theory?
  12. What is a trait?
    describes the United States education system.
  13. What is conservative?
  14. What is order/control?
    making the students behave properly. They use detention or expulsion as punishment.
  15. What is passive?
    when the students are quiet and non-interactive.
  16. What is competative?
    when students individually compete for good grades.
  17. What is mass oriented?
    school is mandatory.
  18. What is local control?
    each town has control of its schools through property taxes and the school board.
  19. What are functions?
  20. What is work prep?
    schools emphasis on time and attendance to get students ready for work.
  21. What is public socialization?
    moving the student from an individual to a group.
  22. What is social interaction?
    brings you into the culture through attitudes and values.
  23. What is talent selection (tracking)?
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