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  1. why is it important to use surgical instruments only for their designed purpose?
    • to avoid damaging them
    • to protect their useful life
    • the high-quality instruments are expensive and should be handled with care
  2. why is it important for ratchets to remain locked when the jaw is closed?
    • the instrument needs to be a reliable mechanism of holding the target tissue or item
    • if the ratchets do not remain locked, complications could result
  3. which scissors are light weight and used on delicate tissue?
  4. which needle holders have scissors included in the jaws?
  5. true or false:
    the allis tissue forceps is considered a traumatic type of forceps.
  6. true or false:
    the gelpi retractor is a handheld retractor that is frequently used in orthopedic surgery.
  7. true or false:
    the Balfour retractor is a self-retaining retractor that is frequently used during abdominal exploratory procedures.
  8. what part of the anesthesia machine converts the liquid anesthetic into a gas anesthetic?
  9. what valve allows for room air to enter the anesthesia system if negative pressure is detected in the system?
    negative-pressure relief valve
  10. when might a situation of negative pressure exists in the anesthesia system?
    when the oxygen source is depleted
  11. which part of the anesthesia machine indicates the amount of pressure in the system?
    pressure manometer
  12. when the rebreathing bag is being squeezed to ventilate the patient manually, the pop-off valve needs to be ____.
    closed and then opened after giving a breath
  13. why is it important to confirm that the pop-off valve is completely open after the anesthesia machine and circuit are checked for leaks?
    when the patient is connected to the anesthesia machine with the pop-off valve closed, the patient will not be able to exhale
  14. which of the following anesthesia monitoring devices is used primarily to measure the percentage of available hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen?
    pulse oximeter
  15. ideally the surgery room is used for what
    a separate room used only for surgery
  16. a 27kg patient would need what size rebreathing bag?
  17. the suction tip best used to remove large volumes of fluid is ___.
  18. what instrument is used to collect large amounts of bone graft material intraoperatively?
    bone curette
  19. of the following procedures, which should be scheduled as the first of the day?
    Corneal laceration, splenectomy, OHE, knee replacement
    knee replacement
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