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  1. do veterinarians routinely write out prescriptions for most of the drugs that they recommend to their clients? why or why not?
    no - we dispense most of our recommended drugs from our own pharmacy, both for the client's convenience (so they do not have to go through more steps and take more time to fill a prescription) and also we can make a profit on the drug
  2. a lady has come into the vet where you work. she told you that she is from new jersey and is visiting her son locally. her dog bob is epileptic and she forgot to bring bobs pills with her. she wantS your vet to fill a prescription for phenobarbital pils for bob. what do you tell her?
    sorry, it's not legal for us to do that - we are not a pharmacy. we can do an office visit, PE, and establish a doctor-patient-client relationship l, then do something about the drug
  3. which of the following drugs is your veterinarian most likely to write a prescription for amoxicillin or snake antivenin? why?
    snake antivenom - it is expensive, short-dated, and rarely used
  4. what information is included on a prescription?
    date, name and address of owner, pets name, species, and age, name of drug, strength or concentration: how many units, Rx (how much to give, how often, for how long), signature of licensed vet, DEA number information
  5. what is SID
    once a day
  6. what is BID
    twice a day
  7. what is TID
    three times a day
  8. what is QID
    four times a day
  9. what is PO
    by mouth
  10. what is q3h
    every 3 hours
  11. what is qd
  12. what is q2h
    every 2 days
  13. what is PRN
    as needed
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