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  1. define pharmacology
    the study of the action of drugs on living systems
  2. define drug
    any chemical compound used on or in animals as an aid to the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease or other abnormal condition
  3. what are some of the ways that veterinary technicians are involved with the use of drugs in a veterinary hospital setting?
    dispense; CE-client education ; medicate patients; medical record-keeping; watch for adverse reactions; order, stock, inventory, check for expiration dates; double chek for incompatibilities and does
  4. list the steps involved in dispensing drugs
    get order from the vet; make label; find, count or measure drug; put into child-proof vial; take to client; CE-client education
  5. what are some of the topics that you may discuss with a client when dispensing drugs for an animal?
    how to use the drug-how much, how often, administration; how to give the drug; side effects, call if problems, withdrawal times
  6. is it possible for certain items in the diet to enhance or interfere with absorption or metabolism of some drugs?
  7. can LVT's be held legally liable for mistakes in dispensing or administering drugs?
  8. do all patients always get the same dosage of a particular drug?
    no-varies by species, age, condition, illness, etc.
  9. define pill
    general lay term for small solid oral dose form of medication. including tablets, caplets, capsules, etc.
  10. define tablet
    solid powder drug compressed into discs
  11. define caplet
    powdered drug compressed into capsule or oval shaped pill
  12. define capsule
    drug enclosed in gelatin case
  13. define enteric coated tablet
    coated with material that does not dissolve until it reaches the intestines
  14. define molded tablets
    powdered drug mixed into a soft, chewable filler such as lactose
  15. define lozenge, troche
    drug in hard candy, to dissolve in the mouth
  16. define suppository
    drug placed into rectum to be absorbed into the blood circulation
  17. define sustained-released formulation
    oral drug designed to release small amounts of drug over time
  18. define implant
    drug pellet inserted under skin, to dissolve slowly and release the drug over time
  19. define solution
    drug dissolved in liquid, will not settle out
  20. define suspension
    drug particle suspended in liquid - will settle out
  21. define emulsion
    suspension of fat or oil in water plus additives that prevent separation and settling out
  22. define gel
    drug suspended in semisolid
  23. define syrup
    drug dissolved in heavy sugar solution
  24. define elixir
    drug dissolved in sweetened alcohol for PO use
  25. define tincture
    drug dissolved in alcohol for topical uae
  26. define liniment
    drug suspension to be applied to the skin with friction
  27. define lotion
    drug suspension to apply to the skin
  28. define ointment
    drug in semisolid applied to skin or eye, which melts at body temperature
  29. define paste
    drug in semisolid given by mouth, does not melt at body temperature
  30. define extract
    ground up plant or animal part
  31. define injectable
    drug in liquid, solution or suspension, given by needle and syringe
  32. define vial
    glass container with rubber stopper to put needle through
  33. define ampule
    small glass container with narrow neck - break to open
  34. what is the purpose of an enteric coated tablet?
    prevent contact of the drug with the stomach - to protect the drug from the stomach contents - acid - or sometimes to protect the stomach from the drug
  35. what is the purpose of a repository form of an injectable drug?
    give injection less often for convenience, maintain blood levels at a relatively stable rate
  36. define dosage
    unit of drug per unit of body weight
  37. define dose
    total amount of drug given to the patient at a time
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