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  1. ´╗┐heart qi vacuity protracted illness
    weakens ht
  2. heart qi vacuity sweat and blood
    excessive loss
  3. heart qi vacuity from
    lung qi vacuity
  4. heart qi vacuity excessive emotion
    joy, fear, sadness
  5. heart yang vacuity compication
    heart qi vacuity
  6. heart yang vacuity vacuity
    kd yang
  7. heart yang vacuity appears
    heart stagnant blood
  8. fulminant desertion heart yang categories ( ht yang collapse)
    yang xu jue ni, yin flourishing masked by yang, vanquished yang
  9. fulminant desertion heart yang, yin flourishing masked by yang cause
    yang qi decline, yin cold develops inside, forces yang out of extremity( true cold, false heat)
  10. fulminant desertion heart yang, vanquisged yang cause
    sim to ht yang vaquity
  11. heart blood vacuity cause blood damage
    chronic disease
  12. heart blood vacuity cause emotions
    stress and anxiety
  13. heart blood vacuity cause emotion
    worry, affects shen, affects blood and ht directly
  14. heart blood vacuity cause emotion and stagnation
    lr qi stagnation transfroms to lr fire, depletes heart blood
  15. heart blood vacuity caused by worry
    depletes sp blood production
  16. heart blood vacuity cause haemorrhage
    depletes blood
  17. heart blood vacuity cause inadequate blood production
    poor diet
  18. heart blood vacuity cause lr
    liver blood vacuity
  19. heart blood vacuity cause common
    young ppl, esp women
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