18th century vocab part 2

  1. pernicious
    destructive; wicked
  2. prodigious
  3. deplorable
    miserable; woeful
  4. prolific
    promoting fertility
  5. rudiment
    a basic principle or skill
  6. proficiency
    competence; expertise
  7. deference
    courteous regards or respect
  8. expedient
    a means to an end
  9. encumbrance
    a burden
  10. parsimony
    frugality; theft
  11. emulation
    an effort to equal or outdo another person; rivalry
  12. animosity
    hostility; hatred
  13. perpetual
    everlasting; continual
  14. solicitude
    care or concern
  15. concurring
    occuring and the same time; acting together
  16. treatise
    a formal, detailed article or book on a particular subject
  17. abrogated
    canceled; repealed
  18. specious
    attractice in a deceptive or insincere way
  19. subordinate
    less important; lower in rank
  20. epithets
    descriptive terms
  21. libertine
    indecent or unseemly
  22. bugbear
    an object of exaggerated fear
  23. inculcated
  24. evanescent
    quickly vanishing; fleeting
  25. dissimulation
    a concealing of one's true feelings; pretense
  26. languid
    sluggish; weak
  27. vivacity
  28. affectation
    unnatural behavior; conduct intended to give a false impression
  29. feign
    to give a false appearance of; simulate or counterfeit
  30. gravel
    to behave with exaggerated submission or humility
  31. ignoble
    not noble; degrading
  32. felicity
  33. chimerical
    unrealistic and fantastic; fanciful
  34. suffer
    to allow; permit
  35. solace
    to console; comfort
  36. zephyrs
    gentle breezes
  37. procure
    to obtain; acquire
  38. propitious
    favorable; advantageous
  39. clemency
  40. obviate
    to prevent; avert
  41. paradox
    a statement that appears to be self-contradictory or contrary to common sense but may be true
  42. malevolence
    wickedness; ill will
  43. repine
    feel dissatisfied; complain
  44. vernal
    having to do with spring
  45. languish
    to be weak or depressed
  46. votaries
    worshipers; devotees
  47. ostentation
    a showy display; boastful showiness
  48. gulosity
    excessive appetite; gluttony
  49. abstemious
    self defying; abstinent
  50. descant
    speak at length
  51. vehement
    forceful in expression or feeling
  52. temperate
  53. discernment
    good judgment
  54. impunity
    freedom for punishment or penalty
  55. corporal
    bodily; physically
  56. loquacious
    very talkative
  57. ascribed
    assigned; refered to as a source
  58. complacently
    in a contented, self-satisfied way; smugly
  59. transport
    a state or being carried away by emotion; state of bliss
  60. inducement
    a motive for action; incentive
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