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  1. ´╗┐lung pattern
    phlegm turbidity obstructing the lung
  2. phlegm turbidity s and s
    copious and throthy sputum in lumps, chronic cough, frog rattle sputum in throat, asthma, dysponea, wheezing, worse lying down, pain and sensation fullness in chest and ribs
  3. phlegm turbidity t and p
    t, v greasy, muddy appearance p, slippery and slow
  4. phlegm turbidity treatment principle
    transform sputum of lungs, warm and tonify sp
  5. phlegm turbidity acu tonify function, earth
    lu 9,
  6. phlegm turbidity acu dispersing function, luo
    lu 7
  7. phlegm turbidity acu local point, expels phlegm, stims lu descending function
    cv 22
  8. phlegm turbidity resolve phlegm MH
    st 40
  9. phlegm turbidity wind gate, connect du mai, strengthen wei qi ditrib along bladder channel
  10. phlegm turbidity moxa
  11. phlegm turbidity stimulates descending and dispersing function, he point
  12. phlegm turbidity influence UH, UH and TE connection, PC Mu point
    cv 17
  13. phlegm turbidity tonify MH, promote d/ward movement of Sp qi
  14. phlegm turbidity inner gate, calm mind, open chest, expel phlegm
  15. phlegm turbidity qi vacuity, tonify sp to resolve phlegm
    bl20, st 36
  16. phlegm turbidity herbal formula
    er chen tang
  17. phlegm turbidity er chen tang herbs
    ban xia 15, chen pi 15g, fu ling 9, zhi gan cao 4.5
  18. phlegm turbidity diseases
    chronic bronchitis, chronic bronchial asthma
  19. lung qi vacuity s and s
    weak cough, low soft weak voice, fatigue and listlessness, sweating spontaneously (wei qi distribution affected), dysponea on exerction and watery sputum (fluid not transformed to UH), catches cold easily (impaired wei qi of warming skin), chronic sneezing
  20. lung qi vacuity treatment prin
    reinforce lu and strengthen qi
  21. lung qi vacuity yuan pt, strengthen lu
  22. lung qi vacuity regulate yang
  23. lung qi vacuity qi start point join sp21, adjust overall luo mai qi
  24. lung qi vacuity lung shu point
  25. lung qi vacuity opens chest
  26. lung qi vacuity tonify sp qi and st, nourish lu
    cv6 and st36
  27. lung qi vacuity chronic lu prob, classic point
  28. lung qi vacuity chronic lu vacuity combo
    bl23, gv4, kd7
  29. lung qi vacuity sp qi and yang vacuity combo
    sp3, sp6, bl20
  30. lung qi vacuity tonify lu qi and stim descending function
  31. lung qi vacuity formula
    bu fei tang
  32. lung qi vacuity bu fei tang herbs
    ren shen9, huang qi 24, shu di huang 24, wu wei zi 6, zi wan 9, san bai pi 12
  33. lung qi vacuity formula 2
    yu ping feng san
  34. lung qi vacuity yu ping feng san herbs
    huang qi 30, bai zhu 60, fang feng 60
  35. lung qi vacuity disease
    bronchitis, asthma allergy, pulmonary tb
  36. lung yin vacuity s and s
    fatigue or weakness, weak or horse voice, low grade fever in evening, distressed more in pm than am, night sweat, can cough blood or cough without sputum, pallor with flushing on cheek bones, sleeplessness, 5 heart hot
  37. lung yin vacuity t and p
    t, red, swollen, slightly coated, peeling p,fast, very small or thin
  38. lung yin vacuity treatment principle
    nourish yin and moisten lu
  39. lung yin vacuity tonify yin and qi, lu shu point
  40. lung yin vacuity kd shu point
  41. lung yin vacuity tonify kd yin, yuan point
  42. lung yin vacuity relieve lr heat as attack lu
  43. lung yin vacuity 5 phase prin, tonify kd. Night sweat. Unite water and metal. Regulate water
  44. lung yin vacuity initiate lu qi, tonify qi of all luo mai
  45. lung yin vacuity strengthen kd yin
  46. lung yin vacuity tonify yang. Afternoon fever, bleed
  47. lung yin vacuity cooling function
  48. lung yin vacuity night sweat, xi cleft
  49. lung yin vacuity dry throat, uplifting of fluid, used with lu7
  50. lung yin vacuity hoarse voice, window of sky, lung/li upper meet point
  51. lung yin vacuity hoarse voice local pt
  52. lung yin vacuity bloody sputum. Xi cleft pt, resolve poison and phlegm
  53. lung yin vacuity nourishes fluid
  54. lung yin vacuity yuan pt to tonify lung
  55. lung yin vacuity tonify qi and lu yin
  56. lung yin vacuity reduce to clear heat from lu
  57. lung yin vacuity bloody sputum, window of sky, sea of qi combo
    st9 and bl10
  58. lung yin vacuity bring yin qi to head
  59. lung yin vacuity formula
    bai he gu jin tang, lily bulb metal securing decoction
  60. lung yin vacuity bai he gu jin tang herbs
    bai he 3, sheng di huang6, shu di huang 9, mai men dong 4.5, xuan shen 2.4, bei mu 3, jie geng 2.4, dang gui 3, bai shao 3, gan cao 3
  61. lung yin vacuity disease
    tb, chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis
  62. external wind cold attack s and s
    sudden chills and fever, wei qi and patho fighting. Fear of wind, stiff neck (tai yang invaded by wind), nasal discharge/blocked nose with clear dilute mucous. Cold obstructs lung system and impairs descending function causing cough and stuffy running nose, no sweating, headache. Wei qi obstruction, aching muscles and joints, sneezing, maybe itchy throat
  63. external wind cold attack t and p
    t, thin white coat, normal body p, floating, slow, tight, full pulse.
  64. external wind cold attack treatment principle
    eliminate patho wind and cold
  65. external wind cold attack classic point combo. Lu point disperse wind cold. Releases exterior, stims lu descending and dispersing function
    lu7, li4
  66. external wind cold attack stuffy nose, yang ming meet point
  67. external wind cold attack combo needle and moxa: wind pool, lung shu point
    bl12, bl13
  68. external wind cold attack combo, wind pool
    gb20, gv16
  69. external wind cold attack wind pool, yang wei and yang qiao mai connection
  70. external wind cold attack wind palace, yang wei mai
  71. external wind cold attack classic combo to promote sweating, kd strengthen kd yang, li expel wind cold
    kd7 and li4
  72. external wind cold attack herb formula
    ma huang tang
  73. external wind cold attack ma huang tang herbs
    ma huang9, gui zhi 6, xing ren9-12, zhi gan cao 3
  74. external wind cold attack diseases
    common cold, acute bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma
  75. wind heat invading the lungs s and s
    sudden chills and fever. Patho factors block weo qi and cannot warm muscle causing chills. Red sore throat, heat dries body fluid. Fear of wind and cold, nasal obstruction thick yellow mucus. Sweating , heat causes fluid to steam up
  76. wind heat invading the lungs t and p
    t, red tip, normal body, thin yellow coat p, floating fast and full
  77. wind heat invading the lungs treatment principle
    eliminate patho wind and heat. Stim lu descending and dispersing function
  78. wind heat invading the lungs classic combo te and li
  79. wind heat invading the lungs nasal probs
    li 20
  80. wind heat invading the lungs wind pool
  81. wind heat invading the lungs luo pt, activate descending function
  82. wind heat invading the lungs heat factor, sore throat, bleed
  83. wind heat invading the lungs local pt, window of sky, all throat probs
  84. wind heat invading the lungs fever, regulates yang
  85. wind heat invading the lungs expel wind and cool
  86. wind heat invading the lungs formula
    yin chiao san
  87. wind heat invading the lungs yin chiao san herbs
    jin yin hua 9 15, lian qiao 9 15, jie geng 3 6, niu bang zhi 9 12, bo he 3 6, dan dou chi 3 6, jing jie 6 9, dan zhu ye 3 6, xian lu gen 15 30, gan cao 3 6
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