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  1. ´╗┐HT Qi Xu
    Palpitations, SOB - worse with exertion, spontaneous sweating, listlessness, lethargy; TONGUE: pale w/white coating; PULSE: weak
  2. HT Yang Xu
    Palpitations, SOB - worse with exertion, spontaneous sweating, chills, cold limbs; TONGUE: Pale, swollen or purplish, dark w/white, slippery coating; PULSE: Feeble.
  3. HT Qi Xu & HT Yang Xu
    The following symptoms are shared between what two conditions: palpitations, SOB - worse with exertion & spontaneous sweating?
  4. HT Blood Xu
    Palpitation, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, pallor, pale lips, dizziness, vertigo, poor memory; TONGUE: pale; PULSE: thready & weak
  5. HT Yin Xu
    Palpitation, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, mental restlessness, dry mouth, heat in palms/soles, tidal fever, night sweating; TONGUE: red; PULSE: thready & rapid.
  6. HT Blood Xu & HT Yin Xu
    The following symptoms are shared between what two conditions: Palpitation, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep?
  7. HT Fire
    Mental restlessness, insomnia, red face, thirst, tongue ulcers, hot/dark urine; TONGUE: red; PULSE: rapid.
  8. HT Phlegm Fire
    Delirium, capriciousness, laughter/crying, insomnia, restlessness, vertigo, dizziness, fever, red face/eyes, sputum in throat, TONGUE: red w/yellow,greasy coat; PULSE: slippery, rapid.
  9. HT Blood Stasis
    Palpitation, stabbing/stuffy cardiac pain, spontaneous sweating; TONGUE: purplish; PULSE: thready, choppy, irregular.
  10. SI Heat
    Restlessness, thirst, hesitant, scanty, and dark urine; bloody urine; TONGUE: red w/ yellow coating; PULSE: rapid
  11. LU Qi Xu
    Feeble cough, SOB - worse on exertion, clear, watery sputum, lethargy, lack of desire to speak, low voice, aversion to wind, spontaneous sweating; TONGUE: Pale w/white coating; PULSE: Weak.
  12. LU Yin Xu
    Unproductive, dry cough, small amount of sticky sputum, dry mouth, throat, afternoon fever, flush, night sweating, hot sensation in the palms/soles; TONGUE: red, little coating; PULSE: thready, rapid.
  13. LU Wind-Cold
    Cough, clear sputum, absence of thirst, nasal obstruction, watery nasal discharge, possible chills/fever, absence sweating, HA; TONGUE: thin white coating; PULSE: Floating, tense.
  14. LU Wind-Heat
    Cough, small amount thick yellow sputum, thirst, sore throat, fever, slight aversion to cold, HA, TONGUE: thin, yellow coat; PULSE: superficial.
  15. LU Phlegm Damp
    Cough, profuse white sputum, gurgling phlegm in the throat, fullness/stuffiness of chest, TONGUE; Pale, greasy coating; PULSE: slippery.
  16. LI Damp Heat
    Abdominal pain, dysentery w/blood, pus, mucus, tenesmus, burning sensation in the anus; TONGUE: yellow, greasy coat; PULSE: rapid
  17. LI Damp Cold
    Abdominal cold pain, sticky, watery stools w/mucus, light, odorous stools; TONGUE: white, greasy, thick; PULSE: slippery, slow.
  18. LI Body Fluid Xu
    Constipation, dry mouth, throat; TONGUE: red w/o moisture or w/yellow coat; PULSE: thready.
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