Teca 2 chapter 12

  1. The concrete operational stage of coggnitive development is characterized by the active and appropriate use of
    c. Logic
  2. Eight year old Anna is working on her math families. This is the process of building the relationships among a small group of numbers, such as 4 + 2 = 6; 6-2=4, etc. thsi exercise is an example of the concept of

    b. reversibility

  3. Franci is working on a problem for her math class is which she needs to calculate the winner of a road race. She needs to consider the distance each car traveled, the amount of time each driver drove, and the speed of the car. Prior to moving into the concrete operational stage, Franci would never have been able to tackle this problem,but now she can focus on multiple aspects of the problem, a concept known as
    c. decentration
  4. The fact that school age children can move from simple addition and subtraction to fractions and decimals demonstrates the beleif that cognitive development is the process of becoming more sophisticated in handling information. this is also known as
    c. the information processing approach
  5. When her teacher asked Molly to go to the office with a message, she was a bit concerned that she might forget part of the message. As soon as Molly left the classroom she started to sing the message over and over until she arrived at the office. Molly used a strategy to imporve her memory that is known as
    c. rehearsal
  6. a major development in languaage skills during middle childhood is the chil's ability to understand his or her own use of language. This increase awareness is also known as
    D. metalinguistics
  7. Education that has a goal that students from minority cultures will develop competence in the majority culture while maintaining a positive ethnic edentity is known as
    a. multicultural education
  8. Psychologist Daniel Goleman has advocated teaching emotional literacy in schools to promote self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills. this program is referred to as
    d. emotional intelligence
  9. All of the following are components of the standard definition of intelligence EXCEPT
    • a. capacity to understand the world

    • b. capacity to think rationally
    • d. capacity to effectively use resources when faced with challenges

  10. Leo scored a 105 on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. Based on this score we can predict that Leo is

    b. average

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