Chatper 11 and 12 Derivatives

  1. boon
    blessing, benefit
  2. convocation
    the act of calling together
  3. afferent
    bringing to or leading toward an organ or part
  4. conifer
    evergreen trees
  5. pestiferous
    bringing or bearing disease
  6. abrogate
    to put aside: put an end to
  7. vestige
    a mark, trace or visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in existence
  8. irascible
    marked by hot temper and easily provoked anger
  9. matrimonial
    of or relating to marriage
  10. patrimony
    an estate inherited from one's father or ancestor
  11. plenary
    complete in every respect
  12. plenipotentiary
    a person (diplomatic agent) invested with full power to trasact business
  13. porthole
    a port through which to shoot
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Chatper 11 and 12 Derivatives
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