Vocab Er 18-21 Declensions included for NOUNS and ADJECTIVES

  1. cauda
    -ae f tail 1st declension
  2. cena
    -ae f dinner 1st declension
  3. culina
    -ae f kitchen 1st declension
  4. fabula
    -ae f story 1st declension
  5. innocentia
    -ae f innocence 1st declension
  6. pecunia
    -ae f 1st declension money
  7. pirata
    -ae m 1st declension pirate
  8. aurum
    -I n. 2nd declension gold
  9. crotalum
    -I n. 2nd declension castanet
  10. lectus
    -I m. 2nd declension bed, couch
  11. legatus
    -I m. 2nd declension envoy
  12. somnium
    -I n. 2nd declension dream
  13. somnus
    -I m. 2nd declension sleep
  14. corpus
    n. body 3rd declension
  15. feles
    f. cat 3rd declension
  16. homo
    m. man 3rd declension
  17. libertas
    f, freedom 3rd declension
  18. lux
    f. light 3rd declension
  19. miles
    m. soldier 3rd declension
  20. mors
    f. death 3rd declension
  21. mus
    m. mouse 3rd declension
  22. salatrix
    f. dancer 3rd declension
  23. stercus
    n. dung 3rd declension
  24. viator
    m. traveler 3rd declension
  25. invitus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, unwilling
  26. malus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, bad
  27. medius
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, mid- middle of
  28. narratus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, told
  29. obesus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, fat
  30. primus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, first
  31. optimus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, best very good
  32. sordidus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, dirty
  33. timidus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, afraid
  34. totus
    adjective 1st and 2nd -a -um, all, the whole
  35. fortis
    adjective 3rd declension -is -e, strong
  36. omnis
    adjective 3rd declension -is -e, all, the whole
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Vocab Er 18-21 Declensions included for NOUNS and ADJECTIVES