Effects of Light Pressure

  1. Time: <1 sec
    • Event: 1. PDL fluid is incompressible
    • 2. Alveolar bone bends,
    • 3. A piezoelectic signal is generated
  2. Time: 1-2 secs
    Event: PDL is expressed, tooth moves within the PDL space
  3. Time: 3-5 secs
    • Event: Blood vessels within the PDL are:
    • -- compressed on pressure side
    • -- dilated on tension side
  4. Time: Minutes
    Event: Blood flow altered, oxygen tension begins to change
  5. Time: Hours
    Event: Metabolic changes occure
  6. Time: 4 hours
    Event: Increased cyclic AMP --> cellular differentiation begins within PDL
  7. Time: 2 days
    Event: Tooth movement beginning as osteoclasts/osteoblasts remodel the bony socket
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Effects of Light Pressure
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