EvoEarth Ch1

  1. The following techniques might be used by a geologist to study the Earth?
    • Examine crystals in a rock
    • Analyze the composition of a fossil
    • Study ice cores drilled from a glacier
  2. The best way to understand how perturbations in Earth systems are likely to change future conditions on Earth is to:
    study Earth's ancient history as recorded in rocks and sediments
  3. What is the technique used by geologists to make predictions in a backward direction in time?
  4. James Hutton's idea that granitic rocks and mountains were formed from
    molten magma forced upward into the crust due to subterranean heat is
    known as:
  5. In the water cycle, what is the next step that occurs after evaporated water condenses into clouds?
    water falls back to land as precipitation
  6. Which of the following has substantially modified Earth's surface over time?
    • Plate tectonics
    • Weathering and erosion
    • Living organisms
  7. In his book Principles of Geology, Sir Charles Lyell provided explanations for geologic phenomena that countered the philosophy of his time known as:
  8. The principle that states sedimentary strata were originally deposited nearly parallel to Earth's surface is the known as the principle of:
    Original horizontality
  9. In the Grand Canyon, small pieces of Vishnu Schist are contained
    within the Zoroaster Granite. According to the principle of included
    fragments, which of the following statements is true?
    the schist is older than the granite
  10. Which of the following is an example of a geopetal structure?
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