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  1. An airman is qualified in two Air Force speciality codes (AFSC) . WHich type of AFSC identifies the one in which the AIrman is currently performing duty?
    Duty Air Force specialty codes (DAFSC)
  2. An Air Force specialty (AFS) is a group of
    positions requiring common qualifications.
  3. A dty Air Force specialty code (DAFSC) is the AFSC (Air Force specialty code)
    used to identify the position in which an individual is performing duty.
  4. A group closely related Air Force specialties AFS requiring basically the same knowledge and skills is known as
    career field
  5. A senior Airmen may use the title supevisor when he or she
    has graduated ALS and supervises the work of others.
  6. Which specialty is not a part of the transportation career field?
    Air Traffic Control
  7. Which is NOT a component of the Air Force On-the-job Training (AF OJT) Program?
    job requirement
  8. How many days are trainees given to complete each volume of their career development
    30 days
  9. Who is responsible for conducting and documenting work center orientations and inital qualification evaluations within 60 days of assignment
  10. Who is responsible for actively participating in all opportunities for training?
  11. Which is not a trainee responsibilty in the Air Force On-the-job AF OJT
    Identify and certify position qualifications and skill level upgrade training requirements
  12. What is the minimum amount of time a trainee must be in training to be awarded the 7-skill level
    12 months.
  13. Before a trainee can be awarded the 5 or 7 skill levels all core tasks must be identified
    in the CFTEP and other duty position tasks identified by the supervisor
  14. Which training documents is the foundation for ensuring the completion of all work center job requirements
    Master training Plan (MTP)
  15. the career field education and Training Plan (CFETP) is a comprehensive
    core training document that identifes education training requirements
  16. The scale calues on the proficiency code key indicate
    `how well a trainee needs to be peform a task or understand a task or subject
  17. Which form is a continuation of the Career Field Education and training Plan (CFETP) and is used and annotated the same way as the specialty training standard (STS)
    AF IMT 797
  18. What is the purpose of the Air Force Occupational Safety , Fire Protection, and Health (AFOSH) program?
    Minimize loss of Air Force resources and protect personnel
  19. You injured your ankle playing basketball over the weekend. Your responsibilty under the Air Force Occupational Safety, Fire Proetection and Health ( AFOSH) program is promptly
    report the injury to your supervisor
  20. Your supervisor just conducted very thorough safety training with you that included job hazards, personal protective equipment wear, jewlery safety, manual lifting procedures, and may other areas. Which form will you and your supervisor use to document this training
    AF Form 55, Employee safety and health record
  21. You must be mindful of bulky uniform items with cords and strings because
    they can get caught in conveyor belts or moving parts and machinery
  22. You are entering the warehouse wearing several items. Which of them must be removed before entering the area?
  23. You have finished downloading pallets onto the finger docks. Which is the best way to exit the dock?
    Use the ladder located at the end of the dock.
  24. You have acquired a bad safety habit of walking while spotting. It is important for you to eliminate this poor and unsafe works practice
    new people can learn work habits by observing your peformance.
  25. Operational risk management is a continuous process to do what?
    Detect, assess, and control risk while enhancing performance and maximizing combat capabilities.
  26. Which form would you use t report hazards that cannot be eliminated immediately?
    AF IMT 457, USAF Hazard Report
  27. The Base Weather Station has issued a lightning warning for your location. What does this warning mean and what should you do?
    Lightning is occuring whithin a 5 nautical mile radius; immediately take shelter in a safe place
  28. you are entering the flight area in a vehicle. What must you do before entering?
    stop and do a foreign object damage (FOD) check.
  29. You have parked your vehicle on the flight line and need to leave in unattended toboard the aircraft. What must you dopark ?
    Leave the keys in the ignition and the vehicle unlocked;turn off the ignition;place it in park or reverse; and chock one rear wheel in from and behind.
  30. You are stopped on the flight line at night with your vehicle and its headlight on and an aircrat is approaching your direction. You ar enot in the aircrafts path. What is your best course of action?
    Turn your headlights off and turn your parking lights. emergency flashers on until the aircraft is out of range.
  31. You are crossing the active runway and see a red ang green light coming from the control tower. What should you do?
    General warning. Exercicse extreme caution
  32. You are crossing the active runway and see a flashing white light coming from the control tower. What should you do
    Return your starting point.
  33. What is the focus of The pollution Prevention program?
    preventing or reducing the amount of waste that Air Force personnel create before it becomes a problem.
  34. What are the two main elements of minimizing waste
    Prevention and control
  35. Pollution control consists of which three activities
    Recycling , treatment, and disposal.
  36. Whihc is not a benefit of pollution preven tion
    it reduces the need for federal standards and regulations.
  37. What can you do each and every day to reduce air emmisions at work?
    Inspect, operate, refuel and maintain vehicles in accordance with their applicable TOs and other authorized guidance
  38. You have knowledge of some North Atlantic Organization NATO secret information in which one of your coworkers has asked about. Which US security clearance level must your coworker posses for access to this information.
  39. Your work center is storing some classiified material in the vault and you have been asked to let a lightning technician in to fix the lightning . He doesnt have the required need to know but must have access to the room properly complete his job. What is your best cource of action
    escort him into and stay with him in the vault at all times until work is complete.
  40. An aircraft deiverted into your station with classified material on it and will remain overnight for repairs. the material is oo large to be placed in a approved container. What is the best course of action
    download the classifeid material and store it in an authorized US facility
  41. Which one of the following represents an operational security OPSEC vulnerability
    Taking pictures of the helicopters you loaded on the C-5 and posting them on the internet.
  42. Which type of cargo consists of hightly classified national secuirty material and requires an escort?
    Defense Courier Service (DCS) material.
  43. Which type of carog must you always protect, safeguard, and hable as if t were classified
    registered mail
  44. Which term refers to the movement of personnel, units, supplies and equipmment to reinforce or resupply already deployed or employed forces
  45. Which command provides common user and commercial air., land and sea transportation.
    US trasnsportation Command (USTRANSCOM)
  46. Which comman is not a component of the US transporatation Command (USTRANSCOM)
    Military Traffic and Airlift Command (MTAC)
  47. Which command is the link between Department of Defense (DOD) shippers and the commercial transporation carrier industry
    Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)
  48. Which command is the US transportation Command's (USTRANSCOM) single component command for air mobi
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