Eye & Ear drugs

  1. carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
    drug that interfere with production of carbonic acid, which leads to decreased aqueous humor formation and decreased intraocular pressure.
  2. Cerumen
  3. ceruminolytics
    used to loosen and remove impacted cerumen from the ear canal
  4. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the delicate membrane covering the eyeball and lining the eyelids
  5. cycloplegics
    agents that paralyze the muscles of accommodation
  6. lacrimal duct
    passage that carries tears into the nose
  7. miosis
    contraction of the pupil
  8. miotics
    agents used to lower the intraocular pressure, thereby increasing blood flow to the retina and decreasing retinal damage and losss of vision
  9. mydriatics
    agents that dilate the pupils
  10. osmotics
    agents used preoperatively and postoperatively to decrease vitreous humor volume, thereby reducing intraocular pressure
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Eye & Ear drugs
Eye & Ear drugs