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  1. abrir
    to open
  2. acostarse
    to go to bed (o to ue)
  3. afeitarse
    to shave oneself
  4. almorzar
    to eat lunch (o to ue)
  5. apagar
    to turn off (lights); to extinguish (fire)
  6. aprender
    to learn
  7. arreglar
    to fix
  8. asistir
    to attend (a class, an event)
  9. ayudar
    to help
  10. a�adir
    to add
  11. bailar
    to dance
  12. bajar
    to descend; to get off of (a bus, ride)
  13. bajar de peso
    to lose weight
  14. barrer
    to sweep
  15. ba�arse
    to bathe oneself
  16. beber
    to drink
  17. besar
    • to kiss
    • borrar
    • to erase
  18. caerse
    to fall down (accidentally)
  19. calentar:
    to heat up (e to ie)
  20. caminar
    to walk
  21. cenar
    to eat dinner
  22. cepillarse
    to brush (ones teeth, hair)
  23. cerrar
    to close (e to ie)
  24. cocinar
    to cook
  25. comenzar
    to start (usually followed with an a) (i to ie)
  26. comer
    to eat
  27. comprar
    to buy
  28. comprende
    to understand, entender
  29. conocer
    to know (people and places)
  30. contar
    decir, to tell (o to ue)
  31. contester
    to answer
  32. cortar
    to cut
  33. creer
    to believe
  34. dar
    to give
  35. dar una vuelta
    to take a ride
  36. decir
    to say or to tell
  37. desayunar
    to eat breakfast
  38. descansar
    to rest
  39. desenchufar
    to unplug
  40. despertarse
    to wake up (e to ie)
  41. devolver
    to return SOMETHING (o to ue)
  42. ducharse
    to shower
  43. encender
    to turn on (lights) OR to light (a fire) (e to ie)
  44. enchufar
    to plug in
  45. encontrar
    to find (o to ue)
  46. enojarse
    to get angry
  47. ense�ar
    to teach
  48. entender
    to understand (e to ie), comprender
  49. escribir
    to write
  50. escuchar
    to listen
  51. esperar
    to wait or to hope
  52. estacionar
    to park (a car)
  53. estar a dieta
    to be on a diet
  54. estornudar
    to sneeze
  55. estudiar
    to study
  56. explicar
    to explain
  57. fumar
    to smoke
  58. funcionar
    to function, to work (the machine works)
  59. ganar
    to win or to earn
  60. gastar
    to spend (money)
  61. gritar
    to shout
  62. hablar
    to speak
  63. hacer
    to do or to make
  64. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  65. ir
    to go
  66. irse
    to leave, salir
  67. jugar
    to play (u to ue)
  68. lastimarse: to hurt, to injure
  69. leer
    to read
  70. levanter
    to raise
  71. levantarse
    to get up
  72. limpiar
    to clean
  73. llamar
    to call
  74. llamarse
    to be named, to call oneself
  75. llegar
    to arrive
  76. llevar
    to bring
  77. llorar
    to cry
  78. llover
    to rain (o to ue)
  79. manejar
    to drive
  80. mezclar
    to mix
  81. mirar
    to watch
  82. morir
    to die (o to ue)
  83. mostrar
    to show (o to ue)
  84. nacer
    to be born
  85. obedecer
    to obey
  86. olvidar
    to forget
  87. pagar
    to pay
  88. parar
    to stop
  89. parecer
    to seem, to appear
  90. pasar la aspiradora
    to vacuum
  91. pasarlo bien:
    divertirse, to have a good time
  92. perder
    to lose (e to ie)
  93. poder
    can, to be able to (o to ue)
  94. poner
    to put, to place
  95. ponerse
    to put on (clothing)
  96. practicar
    to practice
  97. preferir
    to prefer (i to ie)
  98. preguntar
    to ask
  99. preocuparse
    to worry
  100. prestar atenci�n
    to pay attention
  101. probar
    to taste (o to ue)
  102. probarse
    to try on (clothes) (o to ue)
  103. quedarse
    to remain, to stay
  104. quejarse de
    to complain about
  105. querer
    to want OR to love
  106. quitar
    to remove
  107. quitarse
    to take off (clothing)
  108. regresar
    to return, devolver (return a thing)
  109. repasar
    to review
  110. saber
    to know (facts)
  111. sacar
    to take out
  112. salir
    to leave, irse
  113. secar
    to dry
  114. sentarse
    to sit down (e to ie)
  115. sentir
    to feel (e to ie)
  116. subir
    to go up, climb, or to get on (bus, car)
  117. tener
    to have
  118. terminar
    to finish
  119. toser
    to cough
  120. trabajar
    to work (person, not a machine)
  121. vender
    to sell
  122. venir
    to come
  123. ver
    to see
  124. volver
    to return, regresar (person, NOT a thing) (o to ue)
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