1. Today's "emerging adults" are the generation referred to as

    D. gen Y
  2. which of the following is not one of the top four disease associated with death?

    C. diabetes
  3. what percentage of all people in the united states believe that the primary purpose of sex is reproduction?

    A. 25
  4. a normal weight is

    D. between 20 and 25 BMI
  5. which perspective attributes the sex difference in eating disorder to low self-esteem and eating as a mean of relieving emotional distress?

    C. behaviorism
  6. Jamie is 6'3'' and weighs 210 pounds. He would be classified as

    B. overweight
  7. Of the body systems, which function(s) optimally at the beginning of adulthood?

    A. the reproductive, circulatory, and digestive systems
  8. Senescence begins:

    D. as soon as full growth is reached
  9. The psychoanalytic experience attributes the development of an eating disorder to:

    A. a need to seperate phsychically from an overbearing mother
  10. Cheryl is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. She would be classified as:

    D. normal weight
  11. Which of the following is necessary for a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa? intense need to control one's environment b.disturbed body perception
    c.a weight less than 85% below normal
    d.excessive exercise
    c. a weight less than 85% below normal
  12. A practical skill of postformal thought is the ability to:

    B. combine subjective thoughts from personal experiences with objective thoughts from abstract logic
  13. The ability to come up with many solutions for a problem:

    D. is a hallmark of postformal thought
  14. In dialectical thought, the end result is to:

    B. develop a new idea that integrates both the original viewpoint and opposing viewpoints
  15. Moral values are powerfully affected by:

    A. culture and era
  16. How does adult morality change?

    B. the process of moral thinking improves with age
  17. The roles of religion and development of faith in human development:

    D. are widely accepted, especially when one is confronted with unsettling life situations
  18. The most obvious change in colleges worldwide in the last 30 years is the increased enrollment of:

    C. women
  19. A college education increases a student's cognitive skills in:

    C. all
  20. The second phase of a three-phase process of cognitive development in college students is that they:

    B. question personal and social values, including doubts about the idea of truth.
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