chapter 14

  1. Are the words "Keep out of reach of children" on all pesticide labels?
    Yes it is on every label
  2. Does the label specify hte protevctive equipment necessary for cautions use of each pesticide?
    Yes the label will state the necessary protective equipment
  3. If the intended use is not listed on the label, but you are pretty sure it works, should you go ahead and use it anyway.
    No. Pesticides are developed to control specific target pests on specific sites, Use of a pesticide on a site not listed on the lable is illegal.
  4. If you use a non-registered material and problems arise, are you liable or is it just too bad for you client.
    The pesticide applicator is liable for the misuse of a pesticide
  5. Is the label just something the manufacturer invents to help sell his product or is it approved and registered by EPA?
    The label is approved and registered by the EPA
  6. What are the toxicity warnings on the label based on?
    There based on the results of several toxicity tests
  7. The pesticide and the label will be registerd by EPA only when what four things are protected?
    The applicator, fish and wildlife, and the consumer are protected
  8. Are official common names available for all pesiticides?
    No, because only common names officially accepted by EPA are on the ingredient label. Some pesticides have not been given approved common names
  9. What two words and daigram must appear on all labels for highly toxic products? The word "WARNING" may also appear.
    The words "POISON" and "DANGER"
  10. What labels must carry an antidote statement and the sentence "Call a physician immediately"?
    "DANGER" labels
  11. Is the signal word "WARNING" required on labels for moderately toxic products?
    Yes, the word WARNING is required on labels for moderately toxic pesticides
  12. All labels for slightly toxic materials must carry the word___. The word "WARNING" may also appear.
    The word CAUTION.
  13. What directions for use can you find on the label?
    The pests to be controlled by the pesticide, the rate for application, and methods of application.
  14. What other recommendations are on the label?
    The recommended crop and site included to be protected, the equipment, quantity of a pesticide, mixing directions, compatibility iwth other products, healt precautions, and the location and timing of applications.
  15. Name the four different times you should read the label and give the reasons why for each time
    The four different times are: before buying pesticides, mixing, storage and disposing.
  16. On the "misuse statement" (i.e., Storage and disposal), legal disposal steps are required for both the______and the _____.
    The label specifies disposal steps for bothe the pesticide and the container
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