chapter 13

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  1. What is a pesticide?
    a pesticide is any chemical that is used to control pests
  2. Is insecticide just another word for pesticide?
    No. An insecticide specifically kills insects and is just one of many types of pesticides.
  3. How does a systemic insecticide act on a pest?
    A systemic flows inside the plant to all of its parts and kills an insect that eats the plant.
  4. What must you consider when choosing a broad spectrum versus a specific insecticide?
    Will beneficial insects die? Do i really need to use an insecticide that kills more than one species.
  5. What are the advantages of short term insecticides? Residual insecticides?
    Short term offer safety advantages in dwellings. Residuals are useful when the insects are a constant problem.
  6. Miticides are very similar in action and application to ____icides.
  7. What pests do fungicides control?
  8. What are the two basic approaches in the use of fungicides?
    They are used to protect against disease or to destroy the disease once it is present.
  9. When are eradicants often used?
    Eradicants are often used when protectants arent available, haven't been applied on time, are too expensive, or when the disease outbreak is unexpected.
  10. Would you choose a selective or nonselective herbicide to control weeds in a park?
    a selective herbicide
  11. Why is the timing of an herbicide application so important?
    Care must be used to get the job done without harming desirable plants.
  12. Explain herbicide application as it relates to preplant, preemergence and postemergence.
    Preplant is before the crop is planted. Preemergence is before the weed appears. Postemergence is after both the crop and the weed appear.
  13. What tpes of chemicals are used to alter or change the crop itself?
    Growth regulators
  14. Pesticides which control mammals, birds and fish are usually grouped by the regulatory agencies along with_____icides.
  15. What are nematodes?
    Nematodes are tiny hair-like worms
  16. What do chitin inhibitors do?
    Chitin inhibitors interfere with the development and molting of insects, causing their death.
  17. Why are IGRs so safe fo use near humans and other animals?
    IGRs attack a growth process found only in insects. This is the reason for the large safety margin for humans and other verebrates.
  18. Is a repellent a pesticide? Are repellents registered by EPA
    Yes is a repellent is a pesticide. Repellents are registered by the EPA
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