chapter 12

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  1. What are some examples of the characteristics of a pest?
    Anything that injures, spreads disease, or competes with humans, domestic animals, or feed crops.
  2. What percentage of insects are considered pests?
    About 1% of insects are considered pests
  3. Name the three main body parts of an insect
    Head, Thorax and Abdomen.
  4. Give three examples of pests that look like insects, but are not.
    Centipedes and millipedes, crustaceans, and arachnids.
  5. What causes plant disease?
    Diseases are caused buy biological agents called pathogens.
  6. Name four organisms associated with plant disease.
    Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and nematodes
  7. Give three examples of situations in which weeds are pests.
    Causing skin irritation, poisoning, hindering fishing, clog drainage areas, etc.
  8. Name the three types of life cylces that plants have?
    Annuals, biennials, and prennials
  9. What does the term "Vertabrate" mean?
    Animals with a jointed back bone.
  10. Give two examples of a vertebrate pest.
    Rodents and some birds
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