1. How many years ago was Australia populated?
    50 000
  2. Where does most of the Australian population live?
  3. Tamworth is to Australia as ________________ is to the USA.
  4. How long must a cowboy stay on a bucking horse to score a mark?
    8 seconds
  5. What was the original purpose for Byron Bay?
    Whaling station
  6. Ian is wearing SFP 15. Is that enough?
  7. Slip, Slap, Slop means what?
    Shirt, hat, sunscreen
  8. Why might it be illegal to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
    People do dumb things, suicides= families sue whoever owns bridge
  9. Other than the Aborigines, who were the first big group to settle in Australia?
    Convicts/ settlers
  10. What famous beach is close to the city centre?
    Bondi Beach
  11. Albury is near which national park?
    Mt buffalo national park
  12. What is an Australian Cocky?
    Slang for cattleman
  13. What is the capital of New South Wales?
  14. What is a tram? What city in Canada uses trams?
    Street car. Toronto
  15. Melbourne is known as the __, ___, and ___ capital of Australia.
    Food, fashion, culture
  16. When did most Greeks and Italians immigrate to Australia?
    Post WW2
  17. Can Canadians work in Australia without too much in the way of formalities?
    Yes. If student, under 26 years old
  18. What is the name of the scenic road that runs west from Melbourne?
    Great ocean road
  19. What is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes?
    Bush walking
  20. What does terra nullius mean?
    Land without people
  21. How many sheep are there in Australia?
    Over 120 million
  22. What is the name of the only island state and what is the name of the capital?
    Tasmania, Hobart
  23. What is the fine for helmetless bicycling?
  24. What was Port Arthurs original function?
    Penal colony
  25. What colour’s the water in south Tasmania?
    Tannic acid
  26. When was the only time convicts at Port Arthur were allowed to use their voices?
    In church for hymns
  27. What is the world’s largest living organism?
    Great Barrier Reef
  28. The Gold Coast is just south of what major city?
  29. How much was the fee for the three month bus pass?
  30. Noosa has what that surf and wear white hats?
  31. Fraser Island is the world’s largest ____.
    Sand bar
  32. Why can you not swim in the ocean at Fraser?
    Strong currents, tiger sharks
  33. What is the fine for driving in the water?
  34. 8When did Captain Cook first see “Indian Head”?
  35. Which 74 islands are known at the gateway to the GBR?
  36. You really need to be wary of crocodiles.
  37. What kind of fish has the flat head for attaching to other animals?
    Suckerfish ( called remora)
  38. What fish is to be avoided in the water near Magnetic Island?
    Box jellyfish
  39. Watch her hands when she is diving. Is she an experienced diver or not?
  40. What is the web address for Reef Teach?
    Thursday island
  41. What is the most northerly part of Australia?
    Nitrogen gets into blood and collects in joints
  42. What is decompression sickness?
  43. How many pearls can an oyster produce in a lifetime?
  44. How was the wild pig dispatched?
    Ants, grubs, berries
  45. What is “bush tucker”?
    Squish lemonade ants
  46. How do they make lemonade?
    Captain cook
  47. Who discovered Lizard Island?
    Potato cod dive site
  48. What is the Cod Hole?
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