Response Cards

  1. It's Not Okay!

    It's not okay to eat unplanned food of any kind. I'm just trying to fool myself. Every single time I eat something I'm not supposed to, I strengthen my giving-in muscle and weaken my resistance muscle. I might feel good for the few seconds I'm eating, but I'll feel bad afterwards. If I want to lose excess weight and keep it off, I absolutely must stop fooling myself.
  2. Eat Sitting Down

    I need to sit down to eat. When I eat standing up, I just don't notice what I'm eating. I could eat way too much without realizing it. If I want to be thinner, I have to impose this rule on myself. I might not want to give up this behavior, but I'll enjoy being thinner so much more. "Just this one time" is not okay. I have to face the fact that I probably can't lose weight or keep it off if I refuse to change my habit of eating while standing up. Sitting down isn't optional. I'll have to rearrange my schedule so that I do have time. It's essential for controlling what and how much I eat.
  3. Give Myself Credit!

    If I don't give myself credit for essential behaviors, I'll be less likely to practice these behaviors consistently. If I were naturally thin, had a small appetite, and didn't have to work at controlling my weight, perhaps I wouldn't deserve credit. But I'm not naturally thin. I do struggle. I do deserve credit every single time I think about something in a helpful way or engage in helpful behaviors.
  4. Give Myself Credit!

    It's not foolish to praise myself; it's absolutely essential to building my confidence. I'll need confidence to get through the harder times.
  5. Eat Slowly and Mindfully!

    Once I accept the fact that I have to eat slowly and notice every bite, dieting will be easier.
  6. Diet Coach

    I can't do this alone! If I could do it by myself, I'd already have lost the weight and kept it off. I need to face the fact that I need help just as many others do.
  7. I will attempt, whenever possible, to walk or look the other direction at work, so as not to pass the candy and be tempted.
  8. Exercise

    If I want to lose weight and keep it off forever this time, I need to exercise!! There are also lots of benefits to exercise. I am making this into a much bigger deal than it really is. I can do this!
  9. Exercise

    I have to make exercise a priority. If I needed to exercise each day to stay alive, I'd find the time and make sure to do it. I shouldn't fool myself into thinking that exercise is optional. If I want the benefits of being thinner, I have to exercise.
  10. Exercise:

    Helps you stick with your diet
    Might help control appetite
    Boosts mood and soothes stress
    Burns calories during and after
    Preserves muscle tissue
    Builds confidence
    Makes you feel better physically
    Improves your health and helps prevent disease
  11. Slow and Steady

    I have to learn to be happy with smaller steps along the way. Celebrating 5 pound losses will boost my mood and confidence. How much will it matter a few years from now how long it took? It's important to lose weight slowly - my success depends on it!
  12. Cravings

    Once I stop giving in to cravings and they become much weaker and less frequent, dieting will be easier.
  13. Cravings

    Mindset techniques:

    1. Label it - just a craving, not an emergency
    2. Stand firm - don't give in
    3. No choice
    4. Imagine the aftermath of giving in
    5. Read ARC

    Behavioral Techniques:

    1. Distance yourself from the food
    2. Have something to drink
    3. Relax
    4. Distract yourself
  14. NO CHOICE!!!
  15. Get Back on Track!

    If I've eaten something I shouldn't, I haven't blown it. It's not the end of the world. I can start following my plan again right this minute. Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean I should keep on eating. That makes no sense. It's a million times better to stop now than to allow myself to eat more.
  16. Once I regard my slips as just mistakes and decide to recommit to my plan immediately, dieting will be easier.
  17. I DO CARE!

    I might not care right at this moment, but I'll care in a few minutes. I'll be very unhappy if I eat something I shouldn't. And I sure will care when I find that I'm not losing weight!
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