1. important sioux leader at battle of lil bighorn against general custer
    sitting bull
  2. paiute reformer who protested to the president about treatment of indians by white americans
    sarah winnecmuca
  3. hull house founder
    jane adams
  4. alliance movement leader who attacked business monopolies
    mary lease
  5. populist politicain who supported free silver and gave cross of gold speech
    will bryan
  6. assassinated after only 4 months as president
    james garfield
  7. vice president who became president after james garfield
    chester arthur
  8. only president whose grandfather was also president
    ben harrison
  9. candidate who stole election from sam tilden
    rutherford hayes
  10. business practice in which a group of companies turn over control of their stock holdings to a common board
  11. policy that gov put indians into white culture
  12. free flow of money to show off one's wealth is known as
    conspicious consumption
  13. the adaptation of christian principles to social problems
    social gospel
  14. journalism that had its origin in gilded age
    yellow journamlism
  15. policy that attempted to restrict future immigration
  16. a busiess practice in which someone bribes public officials for granting certain favors
  17. policy that moved indians from their tradtional homes
    reservation system
  18. general who led US soldiers in battle of bighorn
  19. started the ghost dance movement
  20. a leader of the nez perce tribe
    cheif joseph
  21. apachce leader in NM and ariziona who surrendered
  22. president who allowed the paiute indians to return to their homelands
    rutherford hayes
  23. owned by a large company and operated like a factory
    bonanaza farm
  24. where brokers gathered to buy cattle that had been hered across the country
    long drive
  25. method of steelmaking that led to huge increase in amount of steel
    bessemer process
  26. major railroad lines that went across great plains
    trunk lines
  27. theory that bans private ownership of property
  28. a business in which shares of stock are sold
  29. when 1 company buys other ones producing same product
    horizontal integration
  30. to protect rights to make, use or sell invents, one must receive a
  31. he invented airbrakes
    george westinghouse
  32. telephone was invented by
    alex bell
  33. what thas little or no compeition
  34. founder of standard oil company
  35. who made the knights of labor
    terance powderly
  36. whats a reservations
    indian land desgnated by government
  37. the creek massacare was in
  38. leader of cheyenne indians
    cheif black kettle
  39. "the Butcher" who attacked cheyenne indians
    john chivington
  40. battle of little bighorn was in
  41. the bureau of indian affairs is
    once the indians were on the reservations, the government agency was set up to make sure they were treated fairly. this helped keep peace
  42. the Dawes Act was;
    to end tribalities
  43. the Homestead act gave
    160 acres of land to american citizens as long as they were going to live there for 5 yrs n make improvements to the land
  44. 1st state to have land rush and claimed it
  45. turning over the soil after rain to get the most fertile spoin
    dry farming
  46. used to generate electricy n pump water from ground
  47. more durable tool to turn up the soil
  48. large corporate farms owned by many ppl
    bonanza farms
  49. Vaqueros were
    cowboys who were poorly paid n worked 20 hrs a day
  50. selection of cattle to be taken north
  51. the journey north from texas
    long drives
  52. cattle that were bred for slaughter
    texas longhorn
  53. rail stations that shipped the cattle
  54. the boomtowns:
    • -albilene
    • -dodge city
    • -wilhita
  55. boomtowns are towns that
    sprang up overnight bc of a certain business
  56. this train went from antonio to caldwell and abilene
    chisholm trail
  57. annie oakley was called
    little sure shot
  58. mining a stream with a shovel n pan (sifting)
    placer mining
  59. blasting rock from the mountain side
    quartz mining
  60. named for the rich, depositis of silver and cound in nevada
    comstock lode
  61. made and sold clothing to miners
    levi strauss
  62. golden rule stores
    james cash penney
  63. immigrant from bavoria
    henry comstock
  64. early prospector who found silver in nevada
    henry comstock
  65. gold rush boomtowns:
    • -sutter's mill: 1st gold strike in CA
    • -pikes peak: in colorado
    • -VA city: in Nevada
    • -Deadwood gulch: south dakota
  66. transporting timber downstream to the sawmills
    log drive
  67. sec. of state who purchased alaska
    william seward
  68. what was alaska called?
    seward's folly
  69. where was gold found in alaska?
    juneau and along yukon territory
  70. what are the great plains
    states from texas to canada
  71. where was the transcontinental railroad completed at
    promontory mts in Utah
  72. promontory mountains was called
    "Golden Spike"
  73. who drilled nation's 1st oil?
    edwin drake
  74. where did edwin drake drill oil in?
    titusville pa
  75. oil is called
    black gold
  76. who invented lubricating cup that fed oil to machines
    elijah mccoy
  77. who presented the mrose code
    samuel f.b morse
  78. morse wired 1st message from
    washington to baltimore
  79. first message from a phone was sent to
    thomas watson
  80. wizard of mbulo park
    thomas edison
  81. thomas edison's achievements;
    • -light bulb
    • -phonograph
    • -movie projector
  82. who was given credit for idea of dynamo
    micahel faraday n joseph henry
  83. what is dynamo
    an eletric generator used to power factories
  84. robberbarons -
    greedy industrial leaders who each dominated the market at during diff. periods
  85. cornelius vanderbilt -
    • -americas first millionaire
    • -ferry boat service
    • -the commodore
    • -railroads later on
    • -railroad fortune is the amtrak
  86. lewis hine -
    photographer who took pics of child labor
  87. active female union organizer for knights of labor
    mary ham jones
  88. founder of the american federation of labor and a cigar maker
    sam gompers
  89. homestead strike was
    -carnegie steel complany workers on strike to protest wage cuts
  90. pullman strike was
    pullman refused to lower prices at stores
  91. gilded age waas period of time
    directly after civil war.. a period of political corruption
  92. politicians were known as
  93. political machines -
    established to help immigrants in return for voting loyalty
  94. 4 political bosses;
    • -alex shepherd (DC)
    • -james pendergast (kansas city, Mo)
    • -george plunkitt (NY)
    • -tweed (NY)
  95. graft -
    dishonest $
  96. bribes -
  97. cartoonist influences public opinion against t. hall
    thomas nast
  98. one who likes thigns the way they are
  99. jobs are distributed to those who are policially faithful
  100. the most corrupt & scandalous president
    ulysses grant who was 1st to be arrested, smoked, and completed T.R.R
  101. populist party was known as the
    people's party
  102. invented elevator -
    elisha otis
  103. the elevator was first seen in
  104. what family build the 1st steel cabled bridge
    john & washington roebling
  105. who built first eletric trolley
    frank sprague
  106. an apartment building designed to house a large amount of ppl
    tenement housing
  107. tenemnent housing nickname:
    dumbell apartments
  108. who designed central park in 1857?
    frederick olmstead
  109. greatest show on earth was -
    p.t. barnum's circus
  110. who invented baseball
    abner doubleday
  111. who organized 1st prof. team, cinncinati red stockings?
    aaron champion
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